three $ numbers you need to know now

why are you working so hard… really?

Let’s say you spend somewhere between 30 to 70 hours a week working, traveling for work & thinking about it.   

And let’s assume that one of the primary reasons you work, whether as an employee or business owner, is to earn money.

Money to give you options, security, provide for your family & create freedom from the tremendous financial stress that many feel.

We all desire the experience that financial freedom supports.

So, if we are working so fricken hard then why is it that so very few people actually define what financial freedom means to them?

The root of the layered answer is the fear of unveiling the unknown. So, we avoid the question & the potentially painful work that comes with it & choose to remain partially or completely in the dark. Fear, anxiety& stress increase in the unknown. 

There are two sides to the money equation… your relationship to it & the hard numbers.

There are many effective strategies to work with both sides of the coin & cultivate financial freedom. And at the heart of them is one that requires you to give yourself a framework to define your numbers. Because unless you have a clear understanding & measurement for your financial objectives you will always be striving to make “more”.

And “more” is a recipe for never having “enough” which consequently places you in the cycle of scarcity, regardless of how much money you make.

Furthermore, it is impossible to make good strategic decisions without critical financial information. You will continue to remain partially or completely in the dark with an inability to be accountable & you will question everything. Is this a business opportunity or a distraction? Do I take this client project? Do I have the money for a vacation? Can I afford this organic avocado or not?

So, here’s an exercise in unveiling, defining & empowering your path to financial freedom.

First, you need a clear understanding of your true expenses. How much it really costs to operate your personal life and/ or business (and for those in business it’s time to separate the two – completely). True expenses include all your annual expenses often not accounted for when calculating this number (travel & holiday, time off, gifts, average vehicle repairs etc.)

Your next step is to create your framework & define “more” in platforms.

This will immediately pull you out from the position of scarcity & give you clear, incremental, manageable objectives to move towards your next financial goal. Without this framework, you will continue chasing an illusive dangling carrot.

So, name your platforms & once you have done your homework, attach your number to each one.

Sustainable – the ability to maintain your life & business as status quo. (a sustainable business provides you with a sustainable income)   

Abundant or Ideal – the amount of money that enables you to have the freedom to make the financial decisions that you desire including savings, holidays & in business, revenue to invest back into your business for growth.  

Out of the park – the amount of money that gives you complete financial freedom. It’s off the charts – your financial dream come true.    

The art of managing your money can have several emotionally complex & stressful variables… use this to help lift that weight & empower you to move towards creating the financial freedom that you so deeply desire.

To your freedom!