falling back into routines + rhythms….

After a carefree summer, fall is often the time when we move indoors, turn inside and see the end of year is in sight. And it’s the perfect time to check in, revisit your plans, clear your path and lean into a rhythm that supports flow and ease.

I love fall here on the Sunshine Coast and it looks like the summer weather is going to carry us through for a few more weeks. Which is particularly welcome as the reality for many is that we are not back to school yet.

I know how challenging it can be to juggle schedules and those that initially didn’t include the kids being at home.

Like you, I wouldn’t choose this situation but it does again remind me that even though I often don’t have control over what’s happening on the outside, I am 100% responsible for how I feel about it and what I can do to make it more manageable in my world.

So here are three things that you can read (or re-read) and do, that will give you the opportunity to get clear, make it easier to navigate + inspire you to consciously choose your experience.

1. Read WAVE YOUR MAGIC WAND to help you get super clear on what is most important to you for the remainder of the year.
2. Read THE ART AND SOUL OF SPRING CLEANING and clear the stuff that’s blocking your path.
3. Read TIME BLOCKING and create a rhythm to lean on – even if it’s a temporary one while the kids are with you.

Each one of these articles comes with a downloadable template. If your kids are home you can share the information, invite them to answer some of these questions,get involved in creating a schedule that works for them and clear out their spaces. Life skills – good stuff.

Here’s to falling back into your routine + rhythms with warmth + grace!