confessions, lessons & fall fruition

September…I’ve had to repeat the word a few times to grasp that it is already here. A ritual I think we all experience each year!

I deeply hope you embraced the sunshine and enjoyed some summer fun!

I had a great and wee bit tumultuous summer. We moved into a new house (and new office) and I re-connected with family and friends which was deeply nurturing.

And a few things went a bit sideways as they do.

I underestimated the time it would take to “land” after our move and my work commitments.  Major unfinished personal business came knocking on my door and took up a lot of time. I neglected to carve out room for “me”, didn’t fully honour my boundaries (because I hadn’t defined them) and fueled my fears instead of putting them out.

So, in the spirit of transparency I thought I’d share some potentially valuable lessons I learned (and re-learned) this summer.

Lesson #1:  Honor where you are! (even if it’s a bit of a mess) The only way to change anything is to first unveil and accept it! It’s a waste of energy to avoid and tip toe around.

Lesson #2: Ask for help! You are loved – even after your friends and family “see” your mess! (ps. they already know it’s there) There are experts and resources in every field. Find and use them! The right information is priceless!

Lesson #3: Choose the balls you are going to drop! If 20% of what you do yields 80% of your results then figure out what really matters and let go of the rest. There are hidden insights when you can’t do it all!

Lesson #4: Unfinished business will bite you in the butt so clean it up regardless of how long it takes. Whatever it is, it is holding you back on some level!

Lesson #5: Your fears will probably come true and when they do, it’s going to rock your world! Then you are going to realize that behind them is the kind of inner freedom that you dream of and that you can truly handle anything!

Lesson #6: Stop putting gas on the fire – what you focus on, worry about, talk about, obsess over, will make it bigger and attract more of what you don’t want!

Lesson#7: Stop being an “all or nothing” junkie! You are setting yourself up to fail. Changes happen by leaning into things and taking small consistent steps.

Lesson#8: You’ve got to slow down to speed up. Sit in stillness, find clarity, take one puzzle piece at a time. Step off the treadmill before you go zipping right off the end.

Lesson#9: You are the reason people don’t honour your boundaries. (this is a tough one) Define your boundaries, communicate them with integrity and love and then stick to them!

Lesson #10: Your health is  #1! Make extreme self care non-negotiable!

Finally…change your experience and you will change your results. You won’t always have control over how life shows up but how you show up and feel is your choice. 

“How you do one thing, is how you do everything” echoed in my thoughts many times this summer. Return to that intense, empowered feeling of freedom, abundance, love and hope and take action from that place. It’s darn hard to do when you are in those moments of chaos but when you do, you will immediately take the wind out of the storm and shift it into positive momentum.

So, what lessons did you learn or re-learn this summer?

Fall fruition…One of the balls I chose to drop this summer was the launch of my new brand and website. I am once again re-aligning who I am with what I do and I am excited about the upcoming changes that will enable me to offer you more!  I will keep you posted and as always, appreciate your feedback!

Here’s to the fruition of your endeavors this fall!