you are the only one who has the power to change your story

When you are in the kind of business that I am in… the truth is, sometimes you get a wee bit tired of hearing, seeing + reading this kind of stuff all the time.

I grew up in a family of therapists + started reading “self help” books + naval gazing (as my dad calls it) when I was 15. I went on to pretty much royally screw up my life (or give myself numerous growth opportunities 🙂 several times over, on three continents along my journey to where I am now…

which is still on my journey. 

Only my experience is vastly different (most days), I am aware of the patterns (most of the time) + it’s usually a conscious decision if I let them repeat themselves + run a muck or do something different to change them. What it comes down to is that whether I like it or not, I now know that I am 100% the driving force behind my own story!

I hold the pen. I choose the paper. 

The internet + maybe your inbox is filled to the brim with mantras + inspirational quotes up the wazoo + I contribute to this barrage of mojo stirring stuff.

On a good day it will light your fire.

On a bad day, you’ll say bullshit… log off + opt for a bag of chips + a movie instead.

I get it. I’ve been known to eat a bag of chips or two.

If there is just ONE that you can embody, embrace, let seep into your soul, then let it be this one…


Maybe it’s time to turn the page or possibly open a brand new book… wherever you are, here’s to you writing the story you are meant to live, on your terms, in your own way based on who you are – perfectly human.