your power hour: change the first hour of your day & your productivity will skyrocket

What do you do when you first sit down at your computer?

Do you open your email and Facebook and invite the world to dictate how productive you are going to be that day?

We have all succumbed to this because quite frankly, we want someone else to drive, and distract us from the responsibility of our own list of things to do. It’s easier. And it’s hands down one of the worst ways to start your day.

Decide that you’d like to steer your ship. Start your day with your “Power Hour”. Simply defined: it’s a specific amount of time  ( 30 minutes – 1 hour) that you commit to only focusing on your key objectives and highest priorities. And it happens before you invite the world to your door.

Keep the activities simple and consistent so you create your own rhythm and ritual.  Turn off your phone ringer, inform your staff, close your messaging, put a sign on your door.

Here are some suggestions:

1. Morning Pages.  Take ten minutes to free write in your journal, anything that is on your mind.  Get it off your mind so that you can focus.

2. Review your long and short term goals to remind yourself of what they are and inspire you to not get completely sucked into the daily grind.

3. Re-name your “Things to Do List” and create your “Absolute Yes List” . Decide what you are going to complete for the day and at what specific times.  Be sure to ask yourself what is going to give you the greatest return on your time.

Then before opening the communication flood gates, set a timer for how long you will attend to the world’s demands.

I understand that the information and requests held within your communication channels may have a direct impact on your day’s activities. The core objective to your Power Hour is to ensure that you start your day on your terms. Taking this time is imperative regardless of what is in your inbox or on Suzie’s page.

And who doesn’t need a few moments to themselves, first thing in the morning!