Groundhog Day… how I got out of it and how you can too!

It was the third time I’d moved back to my house in four years.

Bankruptcy, a break up and wildly painful decisions.

I sat on the same couch with Merlin on my lap, looking out at the same broken fence.

Tears streaming down my cheeks.

Groundhog Day.

How was it possible that after all my hard work, everything I’d navigated, all I’d poured my heart into… I was in the exact same place when everything was supposed to be different?

The longer I sat there, the more overwhelmed and angry I became at the thought of fixing that fence and starting over… again.

As I wrestled my stories, my past and all the should haves and could haves … something happened.

And in that kind of lightening bolt clarity, that comes only once in a while… I realized that yes, I was in the exact same place as I’d been what felt like a million times before but I was not the same person anymore.

I got up, put on my rubber boots, rummaged through the garage to find a small sledgehammer, nails and some courage.

Stomped into the back yard, grabbed whatever wood that I could find and piece by piece, I fixed that fence and changed my story.


A couple of months ago, I started to get that same Groundhog Day feeling.

Personally, 2016 was an amazing, deeply aligned year in ways that I have only dreamed of experiencing.

However, in my business, it wasn’t.

In December 2015, I set about to make some very big changes in my business. I spent all of 2016 gathering valuable information and setting things in motion but the reality is that I didn’t accomplish what I most wanted.

I missed the mark. I allowed my stories to get in the way of making clear decisions and following through. I said yes to things that… as great as they were, didn’t support what I truly needed to focus on.

And so, as 2016 drew to a close, once again, those feelings of frustration and deflation arose and it was looking and feeling way too much like this time last year.

I knew I needed to make some hard and fast decisions and doing some things differently…again.  

In the last three weeks, those tough decisions have included:

Closing the DDA Community Facebook Group which has been a core part of not just my business but personally very dear to my heart. Making a large investment into a specific training program and creating some new systems. Saying no to a great opportunity knowing it’s not the right time.  Changing stories and really raising the bar in my productivity and focus.

I share this with you because January can be an amazing time of year and you may be filled with possibility.

OR it may feel a bit more like Groundhog Day…setting the same goals to pay off the same debt, change the same old habits, repair the same fence.

And I want you to know that if you are feeling like you are in the same place… you are in fact much wiser and stronger. And you do have the power to choose a new story, do something different, change your experience and shift the trajectory of your world.  

The same picture can hold a different story.

The same message can have a different meaning.

The same challenge can give you a different outcome.

The same vision can be a different experience.

So, as you move into this new year, I invite you to ask yourself… Where in your world does it feel a bit like Groundhog Day?

And what potentially tough but deeply aligned decisions are you ready to make to get out of the loop and back into living?

If you want help answering that question and taking your next step…email me! Through all of this I have developed a method that can transform the stories you are telling yourself, how you are taking action and teach you how to really get results.

Now, I know that your inbox may be jammed with promotions that promise you are going to have your best year ever. And it’s BS. The truth is that you may have a really tough year ahead and unexpected things may happen.

I’m not going to promise you flying unicorns and gold at the end of the rainbow!

But I can guarantee that you will learn a proven method that will truly help you find clarity, identify and focus on your highest priorities, experience more freedom, and give you a road map to follow. It means that when life does throw you curve balls, you will have a foundation to lean on and you will know how to navigate them with more ease, on your terms, with integrity and alignment.

And if that’s how you define success then how I work, may work for you! Email me at to learn more.