How I got fiercely focused on the right thing and the DDA Manifesto is here!

While in my creative cave, I hit a few bumps and also found some treasures to share with you.

I previously wrote about how life felt like GROUNDHOG DAY and how I made some hard decisions to do some things differently.

I then made a deeper, non-negotiable commitment to focus on my one thing and do the work.

Your big rock, your game-changer, your one thing is that IT that will have the most profound impact in your world.

It’s your health.
Getting out of debt.
That phone call.
Writing your book.
Ditching the project. 

Getting support. 
Saying YES to that crazy idea.   

It’s also the one thing that day in and day out lands at the bottom of your list. 

My one thing is taking the best of the last decade of my work; the methods I’ve developed, the training, templates and tools and restructuring and aligning them to create a world class program.

The ripple effect of the launch of this program will streamline my business, expand my capacity to serve, deeply enhance the work that I do and the results for those who join me on the journey.

This epic project has raised the bar and required that I change the way I navigate my world – how I show up, the decisions I make and where I spend my time and energy.
Some days, it flows and is full of magic and on many days, the truth is that it’s…  really hard work! Something that in our world of easy one, two, three steps to your wild success… we need to talk a whole lot more about! 

As deeply devoted as you may be… the hardest part is to stay fiercely focused and keep showing up. It’s so much easier to do the other thing.

Answer the email.
Hop onto Facebook.
Look for the perfect whatever.
Watch the fourth episode.
Let your stories take hold.
Bake all the cookies.

Do it all by yourself.

At first it was really uncomfortable. Saying  “No, thank you” 90% of the time. Getting my butt off social media. Not taking personal calls during office hours. Getting up earlier. Answering emails after 10:30 am. Shortening and intensifying my workouts. Batching meals. And the list goes on.

All the small, incremental changes that have resulted in my one thing getting done.

It’s amazing to reach your milestones and underneath the traction I found a bigger treasure while in my cave…

When you consistently focus on what matters most – to you, when you keep showing up, when you honour your boundaries from the inside out, when you deepen your devotion even on days when it sucks… you build trust and unwavering confidence in yourself, you raise your vibration and expand your capacity for what is possible. 

That’s the real gold. 

So, what’s your one thing? What would shift the trajectory of your world, re-build trust in yourself and change your experience? (There’s a very good chance you already know what it is!)

Write it down (now) then answer the following questions:   

  1. Why does this one thing matter to you?
  2. What are all the smaller action steps that support your one thing?
  3. How much time are you truly willing to devote to your one thing each week?
  4. What do you need to stop doing, let go of or set aside in order to give you’ the time you need?
  5. Now choose your first action step and do it within the next 24 hours.

One of my milestones within this epic project was to create the DDA Manifesto… the final treasure in this note that I am deeply excited to share with you. 

Over the last decade, it’s been an incredible honour to dance with the most dynamic, heart centered, talented humans, drawn together to work as individuals and collectively. Through this journey emerged this DDA Community. A sacred space of acceptance, incredible support, meaningful connection and real transformation – lots of laughs, some swearing, tears and chocolate!

The DDA Manifesto is a tribute all those who so courageously choose to keep showing up – that means you! A call to action. An empowered way of living. 

Every sentence on this manifesto holds great meaning along with some powerful stories. Many of which I will share over the coming weeks. You may recognize a few of them. 🙂

It’s yours to have if you so desire. You can print it or download the wallpapers for your phone and computer.

I would love your feedback. What resonates the most? What quotes stand out for you? I’ve got a few prints in the works and some fun things I’m working on so please share your thoughts or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook.

Grab your copy of THE DDA MANIFESTO HERE.

I hope you enjoy!

And as for that one thing of yours… please don’t wait any longer!