Saying “No, Thank You” may be the greatest gift you give! {FREE Workshop Invitation Inside}

It’s the first week in December and that time when life can get a little full. Year end business deadlines, holiday expectations, activity logistics, family dynamics, colder weather and tired humans – big and small.

And it’s decision time.

Because if you don’t take a few moments to get clear on your priorities, where you want to spend your energy and how you want to feel – chances are you are going to end up rung out when that New Year bell rings.

So, here’s five simple, powerful questions to shift you into the driver’s seat and wrap your year with a little more grace and joy! (And a cool invitation to join me for a FREE – MINI WORKSHOP at the end of this note.)

So, grab your journal or a piece of paper (right now) and answer the following: 

  1. How are you devoted to feeling for the rest of the year? 
  2. What are the non-negotiable ways that you are going to keep nourishing your body, nurturing your soul and raising your vibration?
  3. What are your most important priorities for the month of December?  
  4. What are you going to let go of or delay until the New Year? 
  5. What days are you going to take completely off and unplugged during the holidays? 

Now, look at your calendar and schedule the above priorities. And if there are other commitments or things that are not in alignment with your answers, then cancel, shift or let them go.

The holidays can be stacked and emotional. There are places you should be and people you want to see.

Please remember that what we want most for our loved ones is for them to feel deeply happy and this is exactly what they want for you.

Saying “No, Thank You” and opting out is often one of the most loving things you can do. When you show up in alignment with integrity – honour and express what you need with grace and love, then you empower others to do the same!  

And if you are feeling like this year’s been a whirlwind and you need some time to pause and reflect, accept and let go of what didn’t work and celebrate what did – then join me on Friday, December 16th for a 90 minute FREE – mini workshop to WRAP YOUR YEAR!

During the workshop, I am also going to share with you what I believe is the most powerful method that I’ve ever developed. With the DDA SHIFT METHOD, we are going to unveil the stories that have been blocking your success and learn how to release them so your path is clear for 2017!

CLICK THIS LINK TO REGISTER. Forward this email to invite a friend and rest assured there won’t be a sales pitch at the end! The workshop is recorded so if you can’t make it live, you can wrap your year over the holidays!

Here’s to wrapping this year with a deep sense of completion!