If you have money goals this year, read this

Most people have money goals they deeply want to achieve to support their freedom and independence (pay off debt, save, invest etc.)

Yet, money is hands down one of the hardest things for so many people to consistently focus on.

There are big, clear gaps between the desire and the action.

Consider this…
The average person spends 40 hours a week / 2080 hours a year working to make money (not the only objective but often a primary one).

Now, let’s think about how many hours the average person spends deeply worrying about money and stressing over financial decisions – consciously or unconsciously.

Finally, let’s consider how many hours the average person might spend knowing their numbers, managing their money, learning financial strategies, changing their money stories and shifting their financial identity.

Well, according to The Financial Worry Poll, Canadians spend an average of 2 hours a day worrying about finances and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends less than 2 minutes a day managing their finances.

8 hours a day working to make money (2080 hours / year)
2 hours a day worrying about money (730 hours / year)
2 minutes a day managing money (12 hours / year)


And regardless of whether these stats hold true for everyone, the hard truth is that we don’t spend enough time focused on our finances relative to the impact it has on our entire lives.

What’s wild… this lack of time and attention actually has very little to do with what’s in your bank account and everything to do with your money stories.

If you have disempowering, scarcity driven beliefs or a financial ceiling (which we all have on some level) then of course you’re not going to want to face the fear, internal judgment, shame, blame and the unknown.

Therefore, even though you want to reach your financial goals, you’re simply not going to prioritize the time you need to take the necessary actions to achieve them.

But when you stay in avoidance and denial, you magnify the painful cycle.

So, here’s the good news…

You get to choose what you believe and there are powerful ways to shift the stories that are blocking your financial freedom.

> Please read that again <

It all starts with your decision.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us for The Entrepreneurs’ Money Story Workshop!

As one courageous participant shared with me after she attended…

“The shame and fear surrounding my financial circumstances had been slowly killing me.”

She went on to share that the morning after she did the workshop she woke up with a completely different mindset and made a big decision to move out of suffering and paralysis and do something different.

She followed the DDA SHIFT Method and took specific action as if her new money story was true and made an appointment with the bank. She proceeded to completely consolidate all her debt and with the current interest rates, her payments only increased slightly and on top of that, she created a contingency savings of $15,000.

“I can’t even express how this feels.”

With ONE new story, ONE decision, ONE action… she just shifted the trajectory of her financial independence and her experience.

The ripple of this will be felt for YEARS to come.

In just two hours you’re going to really start understanding what’s holding you back, learn a proven method to SHIFT your stories and step into a new empowered relationship with your money. (YES, the money follows!)

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