Money Your Numbers

A few weeks ago I wrote Part 1:  Money Mindset & Manifestation which was all about your money stories and today is about Your Numbers.At this time of year, talking about money may just be about the last thing that you want to do.

Which is why I’m sending this to you.

The dance of money has to be one of the most charged and layered areas of our lives.

really get it.

There’s no amount of sugar coating that will cover the stress of not knowing how you are going to pay your mortgage or the fact that most of Christmas just went on your credit card and it’s silently waiting for you on the other side of New Year’s Eve.

I’ve been there.

And if you are there now, please be kind to yourself.

Know that you are not alone and that you DO have the power to create financial sustainability and freedom.

How can I be so sure?

Because I did it.

A self-employed, single parent with zero credit… thanks to the unexpected, forced bankruptcy where I lost everything.

I tripled my income, paid off $24,000 in debt, bought out my house, financed my business development (twice), got necessary dental work done and among all the other things… 95% of the time (because I’m human) I live in abundance. (To hear more of that story you can listen to this talk.)

I share this with you because it’s simply not what the stats want you to believe.

But it IS possible if you make your financial freedom non-negotiable.

Your financial freedom starts with understanding what you value the most so that you stop working so hard to spend your money and time on the things that don’t really matter… and pay interest on them.

The truth is that fancy pair of shoes, those Starbucks lattes, the new car payments or the cable TV channels won’t bring you the freedom you so deeply crave.

When you are crystal clear on what really matters then asking tough questions, making hard decisions and doing whatever it takes to get your financial world sorted out becomes a whole lot easier.

Taking responsibility means making it your mission to know your numbers. The REAL numbers. ALL of them. ALL the time. 

Mission #1 is to take stock and know:  

  • Your expenses (Fixed and variable)
  • Your income (Before/after taxes)
  • How much debt do you owe (Amounts, to who, interest rates)
  • What are your assets (House, car, investments, children 🙂

Mission #2 is to get crystal clear on your SPECIFIC short and long term financial goals. 

Knowledge is nothing without action…

Mission #3 is to then take this information and create a plan, make decisions and take actions like:

  • Slash your expenses  (ditch the Starbucks and dinners out)
  • Re-negotiate everything – your phone line, interest rates, insurance policy
  • Restructure your packaging and increase your rates
  • Clear out your house and sell everything you don’t really need
  • Streamline your systems
  • Possibly get a new or second job
  • Become graciously ruthless with your time

One decision and one action at a time, you will close the gap between where you are now and your financial freedom.

Ask anyone who has taken the plunge and courageously broken their financial picture wide open and you will hear just how empowered and free they become regardless of how much actual money they have or the amount of debt they unveil.And if these missions cause you to short circuit just thinking about them, then get help right away! Call your bookkeeper, hire a coach, make that appointment with your accountant.

What you focus on grows…

When you understand and shift your money story, know what you value most, get crystal clear on your numbers and take action, the universe shows up to reflect this abundance back to you and puts money in your pocket.  

Make this year the year that your financial freedom becomes non-negotiable so you can experience the freedom you are working so hard for!

P.S. Your Money and  The DDA Academy 

You betcha… we dive deep into your money in the DDA Academy. You will define freedom on your terms. You will unveil your money story and shift it. Get crystal clear on your numbers and create a profit map. Be supported every month to keep taking those next action steps and if you need extra support and expertise, you will be introduced to some great resources including bookkeepers, accountants and financial planners .

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