Bankruptcy was a harsh and powerful turning point

2022 marks my 10 year bankruptcy anniversary.

It’s not the path I would have chosen; however, the decision to file for bankruptcy was beyond my control.

In one fell swoop my world imploded.

I remember the moment I found out like it was yesterday. I was overwhelmed with confusion, shame and anger.

After all those years, starting over at least a half dozen times, was I really going to have to do it again?

The truth is that one way or another something was destined to happen.

I worked incredibly hard, was filled with passion but underneath I was trying to create a thriving business and life while simultaneously in denial, scarcity and fear.

Going bankrupt was one of the best things that happened.

It was a harsh yet powerful turning point.

Since the day I sat in that cold Vancouver office trembling as I signed those papers I’ve accomplished many things.

Among them I’ve created a thriving business, paid off and lived consumer debt free, financed dental work and vacations, supported my son’s university life and I own my home which as a self employed, independent parent with a trashed credit rating, I was told was impossible.

All of which I’m super proud of yet here’s the thing… it’s never reallyabout the money.

I knew that the only way to truly change my trajectory was to fundamentally change the beliefs I held, who I was being and what I was doing.

I’m incredibly passionate about money because when you decide to reallytake responsibility for your financial independence… there is a game-changing ripple effect.

Your starting point is your money stories.

I’m super excited to share that The Entrepreneurs’ Money Story Workshop is BACK!

Designed specifically for business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, self-employed folks or magicians in the making who are ready to trulyunderstand how your money stories are impacting your experience and your bottom line… and how to shift them!

This is for you if…

  • You keep hitting the same financial ceiling (whether that’s $20,000 or $200,000) and just can’t figure out what to do differently
  • You avoid looking at your money so the stress of the unknown only makes the shame worse
  • You’re uncomfortable and anxious about money whether you have it or you don’t
  • You know your self worth is somehow tangled up in your pricingso your rates are totally out of alignment with the value of your offers
  • You have trouble making confident financial decisions so you’re always second guessing yourself
  • You commit to new money habits but keep failing to show up so you’re losing trust in yourself
  • You’re saying all the abundance affirmations and praying to the money gods but the money just isn’t flowing

In this workshop you’ll identify what’s blocking your financial freedom and learn an extremely powerful method to shift into a new relationship with your money, ease that grip and move into an empowered experience and take action.

The workshop is Friday, April 29th, 10 am – 12 pm PST. (+ 30 minute Q&A)

If you can’t make it live, sign up anyways because YES THERE IS A REPLAY.

Here are the details and registration.

Join us. The only thing you’ve got to lose is an outdated, limiting story or two!