This week, a dear client, amazing entrepreneur and transparent, truth telling girl, Carla Contrares quoted me in her post highlighting her story and something very important. 

It’s never about the food. 
“I reached out to Leah in the Fall when I felt like my life was falling apart after my launch of my online cooking school, Cook + Chop.

I had worked for 6 months without days off to launch my business. I was binge eating, having panic attacks daily, and felt like my life was crashing in around me. 

In one phone call, Leah helped me see that my business model was completely out of alignment with my life. That my binge eating and panic attacks were a direct result of that. My mind was blown (I couldn’t see it.)

Leah gave me clear direction and a plan to get my life in alignment, my health on track, my business back in order, and build a solid foundation with my family.  I have felt an tremendous shift from, “hustle ‘till I drop,” to creating work with intention and focus. Panic attacks and binge eating are down 99%.” Chef Carla C. 

It’s never about the money. 
I often share my own story of the financial struggle that I had for so many years. You can watch my 10 Minute PowHERtalk, “From Bankrupt to Abundance” to hear it in more detail. In short, the loss of my mom and the magnitude of deprivation I felt at such a young age created a pattern that played out across my life and ultimately landed me in bankruptcy. 

Just yesterday, I had two almost identical conversations about taking the leap and raising prices in two completely different services and industries. We didn’t talk about the money – we talked about alignment, value, perception, ideal clients and changing the stories that are standing in the way.  

It’s never about time. 
I recently connected with a client who is deeply excited about the growth in her business and simultaneously totally overwhelmed and exhausted, unable to keep up with all that needs to be done. She didn’t need a better time management system or to streamline her services – at the heart of it, it all came down to not knowing how to ask for and receive help. 

It’s never about the food, the money or the time. 

It can be tricky to figure out what’s really going on for ourselves especially when we are stuck in the thick of it. 

Yet, once you get to the core – it’s a GAME CHANGER. It’s easy to make decisions, implement strategies and things fall into place very quickly. 

Carla is thriving and well on her way to re-launching Cook + Chop.

In one decision and a combined total of 30 minutes of conversation, those two talented service providers will make significantly more money this year with a whole lot more confidence and ease.

And as soon as my client figured out exactly the help she needed and was open to receive it, that person literally walked through her door. 

This work is not just about how I will help you figure these things out… it’s that you will learn specific methods and strategies that empower YOU to become the driving force in your life and business. You’ll know exactly what’s out of alignment, how to find your answers, know your next steps and have the tools in place to implement. 

“Leah and her Define Design Align methods and community have been INSTRUMENTAL in my having created the business and life I love. I would not be where I am without her fierce devotion to my process and journey. If it’s time to do things differently. I can’t recommend it highly enough. ” Tanis Frame

If you are ready for things to get a whole lot easier as you grow your business and create more freedom in your life, then email me at It might just be that simple.