As we near the end of another year, knowing that money may be on your mind, I thought I’d share what I know to be true about creating more financial abundance and where that money magic really happens.

There’s a lot of conversation about money, mindset and manifestation.

When you’re stretching to pay your bills, wondering how you’re going to get through xmas or hire that help to get out from under the huge load of work…. it can be hard to digest this whole money mindset stuff and easy to write it off.

But there is truth to this whole “Money Mindset” piece or more accurately “Money Relationship” and as with all relationships in your life, they are driven by your Stories.

Your Stories are the driving force behind what you experience, what shows up in your life and how you interpret and respond to those things.

Your Stories drive your emotions.
Your emotions drive your decisions.
Your decisions drive your actions.
Your actions drive your outcomes. 

Only 5 % of your brain activity is conscious, the other 95% is subconscious.

Which means that most of the time, we are unaware of the subconscious driving forces in our lives.

Your Money Story is the culmination of your experiences – the joy and the pain, your history and your family history, your personality, your challenges… the whole thing – past and present.

And when it comes to money, we are often coming from a place of scarcity on some level with a ceiling on what is financially achievable… whether we know it or not.

Stories like: 

There is never enough money
Money brings out the worst in people
It’s hard to make money
It’s hard to keep money
Making more money means sacrificing

And even if the above stories don’t immediately resonate with you, if you are financially struggling or have hit a financial ceiling, I can guarantee there is a direct or indirect Story that is driving your financial status.  (I share a good example of this in my 10 minute talk called Bankrupt to Abundance)   

So, as for this whole money mindset stuff – YES, it is indeed valid and it’s only part of the equation.

The reality is that sitting on your meditation pillow calling in abundance is not going to make dollar bills fall from the sky.

BUT if you sit on that meditation pillow, get to the root of that Story, create a new story and then TAKE ACTION “AS IF”  that new story is true – that’s when the real magic happens. 

It takes more than a short article to learn how to identify and shift your stories, which is one of the (many) reasons I’m inviting you to join me for my Annual {Free} YEAR END WRAP. 

In this live virtual jam session we are going to pause, reflect, understand what worked and didn’t, celebrate the good stuff and honour the detours and really lean into what 2018 is calling you to focus on. Then I’m going to share a powerful method to help you  identify your stories and SHIFT them to clear your path for the New Year.  

There’s no hook. It’s just a pleasure to share this annual tradition of wrapping the year together.

Details and RSVP is here on the 2017 YEAR END WRAP.

As for the other part of the money equation … it’s Your Numbers and I will jam on that in my next dispatch.

Here’s to sitting on your meditation pillow and creating financial abundance!