Money stories rise in the unknown {Your FREE Money Story Masterclass IS BACK}

Life and entrepreneurship is filled to the brim with unknowns.

During times of uncertainty and new levels of growth, we often feel unsafe.

And since your stories – your subconscious beliefs, are literally designed to keep you safe, the more variables beyond your control – real, perceived, challenging or even expansive, the faster your limiting stories will rise and run the show.

Here’s how this works:

> Your stories drive your emotions
> Your emotions drive your decisions
> Your decisions drive your actions
> Your actions drive your outcomes
> Your outcomes affirm your identity

The story you start with will determine your experience and either fuel fear and scarcity or trust and abundance.

Which will be directly reflected back to you.

In order to move out of anxiety and into an empowered experience and action, first is to understand your limiting stories, then learn how to identifywhen they’re in the driver’s seat and finally, know how to shift them into new stories that serve you.

With practice, over time you will transform your relationship with money and your financial identity which ultimately impacts your financial freedom.

I know a thing or two about the monumental power that your money stories have on the health of every area in your life whether that’s your nervous system, your relationships or your business bank account

I’ve stayed in luxury hotels, worn Tiffany diamonds and owned cars worth more than my son’s full university tuition.

I’ve also been thrown into bankruptcy, lived with crippling anxiety and survived on tuna sandwiches.

I’ve witnessed clients struggle, unconsciously blocking their own success while others brought their bold visions to fruition.

For over a decade I’ve been immersed in researching, developing and sharing methods and practices helping hundreds of clients, change their narrative, embody their new stories and create independence.

Your FREE Money Story Masterclass is BACK!

In this deep dive masterclass you’ll understand what’s really driving your experience and results, identify your limiting money stories and learn The DDA SHIFT Method – one of the most important methods that will help ease your money stress and raise your financial ceiling.

Join us live on Friday, September 23rd @ 10 am PST!

I spent years hiding from my money, both when I had it and when I didn’t. Through the DDA SHIFT Method, I was able to unravel the money stories, anxiety and fear of the truth of my numbers.”
– Karla Shields, The Seasoned Kitchen

Here’s to leaning into this fall anchored in a whole new story to help you financially thrive through the rest of the year!

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