How to navigate this changing landscape

I recently returned from 10 days in Montreal and a two week communication break.

I had a great time and the truth is that I also had a harder time unplugging this holiday… for valid reasons.

I’m in the exciting process of redesigning key areas in my business and experiencing the stretch of personal growth.

And there’s a lot happening collectively, individually and energetically.

Which can be tiring, disorienting and overwhelming.

Change is also full of opportunities.

I’ve had many rich conversations with clients, colleagues and close friends about how the landscape is evolving and how best to navigate these transitions.

I don’t have a magic pill for us to swallow however, I do know what works in the dance of uncertainty and the common threads of what the smartest people I know are doing right now.

So, whether you’re feeling like you’re riding these waves like a professional surfer or are treading water here are three proactive, steps to take to ground yourself, create ease, focus and move deeper into possibility.

(1) Simplify and create space

In an increasingly demanding environment, we drastically underestimate the amount of space needed to not only digest all that is happening but have the ability to step back, breathe and gain perspective.

You already know how to do this! .

Decrease digital consumption (put down that phone !!), take a communication vacation, opt out of things that are not real priorities and honour those boundaries – most importantly with yourself.

Give yourself permission to slow things right down to rebuild your capacity.

Increase space by doing activities that creates expanse in your mind and body. Go for walks, meditate, do breathwork, get up a bit earlier and go for a dip in the ocean.

(2) Take stock

Stress and instability increase in the unknown. The unknown invites your fear based stories to rise and drives your desire to distract and detach. Which keeps your head in the sand. {Insert downward spiral}

Take stock of your business and life. How are you really feeling? What’s working and not working? What are you avoiding? What feels in alignment? Where are you succeeding? What truly matters?

Get to the root of what is creating the most stress and anxiety so you know where to focus.

Maybe it’s lack of time, health challenges, money stress, uncertainty about how to structure your services, the need to get organized and implement systems or reach new potential clients. Get very specific.

Doing Your Annual Midyear Review is a great starting place!

Once you have the insights and information you’ll be able to see things clearly.

> How much you’ve actually already navigated and accomplished this year so you get out of the pressure cooker of feeling like you’re behind.

> What your greatest friction points are that if solved, would provide tremendous return and traction.

> The opportunities – the low hanging fruit that is right in front of you just waiting to be expanded upon.

Then you’ll have everything you need to…

(3) Create a plan

We can get so hung up on having the right plan and reaching our goals.

However, one of the absolute most powerful things about having a road map is that you stay focused on
what you know for sure instead of all the things beyond your control.

This keeps you out of overwhelm so you continue taking your next most aligned imperfect action steps forward which ultimately is how businesses are built, lives are transformed and visions come to fruition!

If you want support creating your road map so you know exactly what you’re doing for the rest of the year, I’ve opened up a few Road Mapping Sessions for late August / September. Check it out here.

Bonus: You’ll also receive The DDA Planner and Planning System.

“Chop Wood. Carry Water”
This is a mantra I lean on and share often with my clients when things are changing and expanding rapidly that is a profound reminder that you’ll always get to where you want by staying the course and returning to the simplest practices.

Try it out. “This day/ week I’m going to chop wood, carry water.”
You’ll be surprised how quickly you return to feeling centered, empowered and open again.

Stay tuned for some new exciting changes and in the meantime I hope you slow down enough so you see the opportunities that are right in front of you.