Change your Money Story {FREE MONEY WORKSHOP}

I worked with a lovely client many years ago who’s business wanted to grow.

There was demand for their product and revenue was increasing. The plan was in place with clear strategies and a timeline to implement.

Then something happened… well, more accurately very little happened as they got right in the way of things moving forward.

It took some time and deep exploration to really understand what was happening.

As we started to unwind the messy ball of thread, what became crystal clear is that they were unconsciously sabotaging their success because they believed that earning more money would rock their relationship with their spouse.

They weren’t effectively growing their business in order to keep a close personal relationship dynamic safe. That is one very long thread.

I share this with you because they aren’t alone.

I, along with many of the smart, talented entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with who’ve really looked at what’s holding them back from a healthy relationship with money and more financial success, have found a deeper core story that often actually has nothing to do with money.

What’s so powerful is that when you unwind those stories, you not only see how they’ve impacted you financially, you see the ripple across all areas of your business and life.

It was almost a decade ago now, that I received the devastating call that I was being thrown into bankruptcy. It wasn’t my choice and it’s a journey that I wouldn’t wish on anyone yet, it’s one of the best things that ever happened for me. Because as life’s darkest days often do, they teach us what we need to learn.

It initiated a deep quest to truly understand how I got myself in that situation and unveiled that my bankruptcy had almost nothing to do with the money.

It’s also why I’m deeply passionate about sharing what I learned, what worked and has worked for my clients to move out of scarcity and into an empowered relationship with money. And YES, the outcome ultimately includes more abundance.

So, if you’re ready to start to understand your blocks and learn a method to help you shift your “money” stories then, join us for The Entrepreneurs’ {FREE} Money Story Workshop

D‍ATE: Friday, April 30th,
TIME: 10 am – 12 pm PST

If you can’t make it live, sign up anyways because YES, THERE IS A REPLAY.