What Happens When You Say Yes


Keeping with the theme of simple and easy… here is an update, a reminder and what I learned when I said YES to a little idea.

As promised, for those who want more information and insight,  I’ve created three videos that dive deeper:

Video #1: I share the WHY behind the Academy, an overview of the DDA Method and a deeper look at the structure.
Video #2: We take a fun behind the scenes view of the DDA Academy Platform and a peek at the DDA Planner
Video #3: I jam on the most common questions I’ve received.

The videos are in the final section of The DDA Academy Page. 

Is happening THIS FRIDAYRSVP ASAP to join us. 

It’s truly one of my favourite Jam sessions. It’s Free – no strings. If you can’t make it live, sign up and you’ll receive the replay and can enjoy it over the holidays.

Please note… I will be extending the time from 1:00 PM to 3 PM (originally it was until 2:30 PM) I simply don’t want to rush it and 90 minutes goes super fast. Of course if you have to jet early you can watch the replay later on. 

In light of all the reflecting and celebrating, here are a few insights, lessons learned (and relearned) that I shared at the recent DDA Mixer…

It was a couple of years ago, that I got an idea… a bigger idea. One that felt pretty daunting at the time.

Yet, the more I leaned into it, the more I knew it was the path forward. That idea evolved into the vision for the DDA Academy.

So here’s what happens when you say YES to those little ideas, and expand what you believe to be possible.   

First, you’re going to feel very human because there’s a good chance you’re going to come unraveled more than a few times.

You’re going to have to stay fiercely focused on being present and make how you experience your days, non-negotiable, so that little idea doesn’t swallow you up.

It really is the journey.

The more you feel the resistance… the more important that idea is for you to pursue… that thing is for you to do.

And when you want to give up… is exactly when it’s time to take another breath choose to expand and double down on the work at hand.

You’re going to take risks – big risks, on so many levels which is going to require that you make radical trust your best friend.

And call on her all the time.

You’ll find that asking for help and receiving it are the most vulnerable things you will do but you will have no other option.

And then those exchanges and relationships will bring you more joy and freedom than you ever imagined.

You’re going need to find and hang onto your sense of humour.

You will discover that you can eat an insane amount of chocolate.

You’ll have the biggest wrestling matches with your stories…. until you finally let them go.

And somewhere along the journey you’re going to start to notice the magic…

The answer to your question. The money that comes through. The unexpected opportunity. The invitation that puts you exactly where you need to be. The people that show up.

The weird and wonderful things that start to happen to help you along the way.

And in the end when you are holding your book in your hand, standing on stage, hanging your art, your debt is paid off, your product is launched, you’re on that dream vacation,…

You are going to realize… that thing was just the catalyst for you to expand into and embrace the person that you already are.

Whatever that thing, that idea, that dream is…  you’re never going to feel ready for it…. but you are ready.

And it’s waiting for you to say YES. 

Lean into it.