Permission to change your mind

It comes as a niggling feeling that something is not quite in alignment. Or it arrives like a lightning bolt of deep insight with the message that the path you chose or the decision you made is no longer a fit.  

And whether you want to or not, you know the wisest thing to do is listen. 
Regardless of how much you have honed the art of decision making, you will at some point still swing a pendulum of yes or no and get stuck in a mud pond and spin on occasion.

In my experience it’s often magnified relative to the level of growth and expansion that you’re being called to move into.

With so much weight on our decisions, it’s not surprising we have such huge resistance to making plans and commitments and saying YES because ….what if we want to change course? What if it’s the wrong decision?!?

Here’s what I know for sure…We most often make the best decisions we can, given the information and stories we have, at whatever points we are at along the path.

This journey is meant to be filled with twists and turns and oddly placed pit stops and re-charting your course…side roads and roundabouts are all part of this adventure.
You will shift and evolve, access new information and receive new insights which may require a 2% shift in direction or call for a 180 degree turn.

I’m not advocating for selling your children and abandoning your responsibilities, I’m just wondering what might happen if you anchored yourself in trust a little more and took some of the pressure off?

How would you feel if gave you and what would you lean deeper into if you gave yourself more room and the permission to change your mind? 

Yesterday, I changed my mind. 

I decided to extend the early bird pricing for The DDA Method Foundation Training Series until Wednesday night – when the registration completely closes until next year.  I had people wanting to connect past the deadline and some other things that happened but most importantly – it just felt aligned and easy with the most positive potential outcome. 

The DDA Method works. In just a few hours a week (or less) between now and December – you’ll set yourself up to kick off 2020 with clarity, a road map, implementation system and a whole new approach that will help you focus, get down to doing the work and raise the bar in the way you experience your life and run your business. 

This is it – the last you’ll hear of it until later next year. There won’t be any blazing emails with flashing lights and final countdowns. As exciting and anxiety inducing as those are… just not going to happen 🙂 

If you have any questions, email me at