What you want is just on the other side of saying no

On the other side of saying NO to…  

The commitments that drain you 
The projects that suck 
The late night Facebook scrolling 
The fourth donut
The stories about what is not possible…

Is the opportunity to say YES to what you really want…   

The freedom to choose 
Time for what matters the most
Projects that light your fire
Money in your pocket
Peace in your belly 

It’s that simple and not always that easy.

Unless you are fiercely anchored in some key pieces like what success really means for you, what lights your fire, the goals that matter to you and the experience you want, then it gets pretty hard to tell the difference between what is a YES or a NO.

Until you are crystal clear on what you truly want then you’re going to have a hard time figuring out a strategy to get you to there and know what to focus on. 

Until you’re committed to what you’re doing and understand the direct payoff, you’ll struggle to create traction, you’ll be easily distracted and your boundaries will be like a line in the sand during a hurricane.

Which is why you can spend so much time working harder, trying to move the needle and still not quite be where you want to be. And the latest productivity tool just isn’t going to cut it. 

It’s also why The DDA Method is so effective.

“Leah and The DDA Method have transformed how I do business. My productivity, focus and finances have all skyrocketed. You’ll go from having too much to do, feeling as though you never get anything done to being laser focused, meeting your goals and surpassing them with flying colours. ” – Cindy Stockdale

“My intangible but priceless results: clarity, focus, joy and confidence.  I have time to paint, for self care and my family and friends.” – Marlene Lowden, Artist and Yogi

“I highly recommend Leah and the DDA Method to anyone who is ready to do the work to truly thrive in their life.”   – Lana McMartin

The DDA Method Foundation Training Series Launches October 11th! 

Early Bird Registration closes THIS SUNDAY! 

This series is designed to shift you into becoming the driving force in your world, set you up for 2020, not just with a one off plan but a whole new approach. 

The DDA Method is easy to digest and includes 2.5 months of training, tools and the implementation support you need to get down to doing the work and raise the bar in the way you live and work.

Included is your very own beautiful hard cover, spiral bound new DDA Planner. ($70 Value), a one day road mapping retreat ($297 Value) and Money and Health Bonus Modules (Priceless if you want more abundance and capacity to thrive!)

If you have any questions at all or want to have a quick chat, you can always email me at leah@leahgoard.com

Here’s to saying NO to those things standing in the way of that powerful YES.

PS: I know there are more emails landing in your inbox from me right now. I only launch things a couple of times a year and for those who want to join, I don’t want you to miss out. We will return to our regular rhythm very soon 🙂