Reclaim your sense of time with this free guide!

Fall is my favourite season, yet it’s also when the pressure can creep up on us. 

In the blink of an eye, the year will come to a close and it’s easy to feel behind looking at all the things still on your list to do this year.

Yet… “Being behind” is a load of hooha!  

There I said it.

The fact is that you are simply exactly where you are. 

This constant state of never having enough time is a time scarcity epidemic. And when you are focused on all that you haven’t done, should have done, need to do…. it only fuels this scarcity, wastes your energy and feels super crappy.

Not having enough time is never about time. 

You just said YES to too many things, had unrealistic expectations of what you could get done, you hit a twist or two in the road or you’ve been stuck dancing in overwhelm with a story that’s getting in the way of taking action. 

What if you just let that whole “being behind” go? (insert big deep sigh) Wholeheartedly accept where you are right now and then took all that energy and got fiercely focused on how to simplify, let go and take your next steps.  

One of the reasons we so often feel behind is that we don’t have have any real benchmarks for success along the way so we are only ever focused on what didn’t get done and what is still to do. 

You can however, opt out of this dance of time scarcity by implementing practices to help you see and navigate things in a different way. 

One of the most powerful CEO Practices in The DDA Method is called Landing and Launching. 

Landing and Launching is the practice of creating the consistent, non-negotiable time and space to “land” and reflect, to observe what’s working and not working,  acknowledge and celebrate what you’ve accomplished, find inspiration, explore opportunities, nail down your strategy and anchor yourself in the experience you desire before “launching” back into your life and business with crystal clear direction and your priorities mapped out.

It is a profoundly simple practice. 

Which is why I’m sharing the  LAND AND LAUNCH GUIDE with you to make it easier for you to shift into the driver’s seat in your world, reclaim your sense of time and experience more flow and traction this fall. 

You have everything you need. There are no big learning curves or complex technology – it’s simple to set up, easy to use and will make a profound difference in your world!

It works. So, download the the  LAND AND LAUNCH GUIDE  and take 15 minutes to set yourself up! 

And if you’re really into shifting your relationship with time, you might find some rich nuggets HERE ON THIS THRIVE TALKS PODCAST EPISODE I did with Jamie and Tara, all about TIME. We had such a great jam session and I get weekly notes from people who listen to this more than once. 

Here’s to reclaiming your time and making things a little easier this fall.