The Free Year End Wrap!

Whether you’re into astrological forecasts and full moons or simply aware of this season’s inherent transitional dance… I think it’s safe to say there’s an undercurrent of change upon us. 

And whether your intention is to leap into the new year, big plans in hand or you’re going to gently lean in…your first step is always to start by taking stock and bring closure to this chapter. 

Reflection gives you insight by understanding what worked and didn’t work, it gives you benchmarks for measurements, provides structure, a sense of completion and an opportunity to celebrate. There are numerous studies that confirm that reflection plays a key role in boosting productivity, focus and happiness and is a critical part of how we learn.

We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience. – John Dewey

Which is why at this time each year, I invite you to take part in THE {FREE} DDA YEAR END WRAP.

There’s over a 1000 people who have done this and many that make it their annual tradition. So, I’m never surprised when I start receiving notes asking about it.   
Through this mini workshop you will: 

  • Explore what worked and honour what didn’t 
  • Dig up the treasures and lessons of the year
  • Celebrate your bumps and wins
  • Unveil and understand the stuff that stood in your way
  • Get clear on the magic you want to create in the new year
  • Clear your path for 2020! 

The beautiful thing is that you can do this on your own terms at anytime between now and the New Year.

I’ve also included the full DDA SHIFT Method Training to support you to unveil and transform those stories that may be blocking your path. 

HERE IS YOUR LINK for the FREE YEAR END WRAP WORKSHOP. All you have to do is watch the super short video, download your workbook and dive into that clarity and completion. Have fun and I’d love to hear about your insights and the aha moments so send me a note or post and tag me out there in social land. 

Please don’t make the mistake of underestimating the power of completion. If you want to kick off 2020 clear, focused and aligned – this simple ritual is your essential next step!

Here’s to letting go and wrapping this year with ease! 


PS: If you’re curious about what’s happening in DDA in 2020 and are ready to cultivate deep alignment in your life and build a thriving business, I’m excited to share the new offerings with you next week.