A Powerful Money Story, Getting Lit, & Your Free Year End Wrap Workbook

As we near the end of this year, I wanted to share a powerful story and a valuable resource to dive into over the holidays.

Money stories…
Following the free DDA SHIFT Method Workshop, I received several messages about big and small changes that people made and ripple effects that started to happen. There’s one that really struck me…

This story shifting maven shared with me that the shame and fear surrounding her financial circumstances had been “slowly killing her”.

However, the morning after she did the workshop she woke up with a completely different mindset and made a big decision to move out of suffering and paralysis and do something different.

She followed the DDA SHIFT Method and took specific action as if her new money story was true and made an appointment with the bank. She proceeded to completely consolidate all her debt and with the current interest rates, her payments only increased slightly and on top of that, she created a contingency savings of $15,000.

“I can’t even express how this feels.”

With ONE new story, ONE decision, ONE action… she just changed the trajectory of her world and her experience. The ripple of this will be felt for YEARS to come.

I keep circling back around to talk about stories because what you believe to be true and possible have such a monumental impact on how you experience, interpret and respond to everything in your world and your results.

So, if you missed that workshop – HERE’S THE DIRECT LINK to watch the replay and use the resources.

On Thursday night, I had the beautiful opportunity to hang out with the incredible Sharon Tron on her GET LIT live series on FB. 
I was in the unusual, awkward yet super fun position of being the one answering the questions. We jammed on this year and inevitably landed on some of the stories that we danced with. You can WATCH IT HERE and check out the other amazing conversations that she’s had over the last couple of weeks.

Whether you’re into astrological forecasts or simply aware of this season’s inherent transitional dance… there’s no denying there’s a deep undercurrent of change we are in.

And as we move from one season to the next, it’s essential to take the time before crossing the bridge to ask yourself what stays behind, what you will carry forward and what vision is unfolding on the horizon. Which is why at this time each year, I invite you to walk yourself through THE DDA YEAR END WRAP.

You’ll explore what worked and honour what didn’t, dig up the treasures and lessons, celebrate the wild twists and turns and unveil and understand the stuff that stood in your way. Then you’ll clear your path for the year ahead and lean into that vision for 2021. Over a 1000 people have done this DDA ritual and many make it their annual tradition.

So, as you lean into the holiday season, I hope that you take time to unplug from the distractions, nourish yourself and use these resources to let go of what no longer serves you so you can connect with what truly matters.

I’m deeply grateful for the chance to land in your world.