the power of play, summer bucket lists + the most important moments of your life (template included)

It’s hard to believe summer is just around the corner!

I often ask my clients what their lives are calling them to focus on. Recently, I’ve noticed, my life asking me to pay a lot more attention to “play” + “fun”. In fact, fun was the theme I chose for the year until writing it down scared me so much that I decided to change it.

How could “fun” possibly scare someone?

The truth is that I’ve never really felt very good at “playing” or “fun”. There are many reasons for this… some deep, some stories in my head… agreements that I created about what fun + play are supposed to look like (that I certainly don’t live up too). And what appears to be a common theme I share with other adults + may share with you?

That due to the magnitude of life’s responsibilities, we simply don’t have the space to cultivate play + fun nor value it enough to redefine it + create more of what it means for us. How can we possibly fit play in between the lists of things to do?

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to play + paint with someone I deeply admire, Artist, Yogi + Creative Expert, Marlene Lowden who shared this…

“We marvel at a child’s creative mind + their freedom to invent + dream. We feel their joy, all the while believing that as adults we need to always be on purpose. Come out + play; remember what brings you happiness + unlock your joy.”

I will openly share that I shed some spontaneous tears during my night of creative play + without conscious thought unlocked some things that splashed onto the canvas. When I woke the next day something felt lighter + since I have noticed my breaths are deeper + the more laughs I have shared.

I am always encouraging you to use the tools to carve out time to take care of yourself + today I’d like to suggest that PLAY + FUN be part that.

And on that note, a few years ago my son + I started a tradition – our Summer Bucket List. Every June, we write our list on a piece of paper with a big fat silver sharpie + hang it on the fridge. It’s been an awesome way to connect + really understand what experience my son wants during his time off. This list was also the first list of “things to do” I ever wrote that was 100% focused on fun.

Our Summer Bucket List not only serves as a great source of ideas on long summer days but also reminds me that play is a priority, to cherish these moments + that the other lists will still be there in September.

Whether you are flying solo or have a family of seven, I invite you take 15 minutes on your own or with your family, fill out your Summer Bucket List + hang it on your fridge. You can make your own or use the template I created for you (link below). There are no rules other than what you put on the list inspires you to play + includes things that are not just fun for your kids but you too!

Sharing your bucket list will give others some great ideas so I invite you to do so either on your Facebook page or on mine.


2014 SUMMER BUCKET LIST (WORD Doc to edit + print)

2014 SUMMER BUCKET LIST (PDF to print + handwrite)