When you endeavor to create change – when you shift your trajectory, when you choose to expand your vision, you will undoubtedly meet Resistance head on.

What they don’t tell you about bringing your vision to fruition is that it means there is work to be done.

Real work.

Most of the real work that you will do, will have nothing to do with your vision…

The brand identity.
The book cover design.
The sales funnel.
The event plans.
The fitness routine.
The architectural drawings.

The hardest part is never the work itself.

It’s the Resistance.

Resistance disguises itself in many ways…distractions, busyness, overwhelm, lack of clarity, looking for permission, indecision.

Resistance is fueled by our fear based stories. The stories that are hardwired to keep you exactly where you are.

The friction starts when you create a vision for yourself, your health, your finances, your family or your work that is beyond your current reality. You say YES to that something that is calling you. And as soon as you lean into it…. you feel the force pushing back.

What stands between the impossible becoming possible… is Resistance.

However, the most divine nature of this dance gives us CHOICE…. your decision to RESIST OR RISE.

Rising above Resistance requires courage, compassion, integrity, strategy, and skills that you learn and cultivate through practice.

Sometimes the Rise is through bold inspired imperfect actions… more often, it is the small steps you take each and every day to get your butt back in the saddle to do what you are meant to be doing.

I have a vision for my work and the impact that it will have.

Devoted to this vision, I have spent 18 months in development and during this time, I have wrangled Resistance on a scale that I’ve never done before.

It’s been paralyzing, exhausting and downright messy some days.  I’ve taken side roads, fallen down rabbit holes and I’ve quit a few times on this journey.

And for every time I Resisted, whether it was for an hour, a day or few weeks, I chose to pull my ass out of the fire and rise… again and again.

Each time, although a little fried on the outside, I’ve been stronger, wiser, clearer, more confident and more fiercely devoted to the next step.

Having resisted countless times, here a few things I’ve learned about how to navigate this dance…

  1. Acknowledge the Resistance and embrace it as a sign of expansion. It’s an important part of the journey!
  2. Anchor yourself in the WHY behind whatever that vision is you are holding. Why…The book. The art. The business. The family.  The healthy body.
  3. Understand the driving story behind the Resistance. Ask yourself what are you afraid of…. really? Replace that story with a new story and ask yourself what would happen if this new story is TRUE?
  4. Build your foundation and schedule to support you to rise.  So that your highest priority activities (exercising, writing pages in your book, painting, developing that product) are the FIRST thing you do in the morning. Ditch the distractions and stop doing the things that are drawing your attention away from what matters most. You know what they are.
  5. Surround yourself with those who hold the space for what’s possible. Reach out to a friend, find an accountability partner, join a mastermind… connect with your tribe. Everything is easier when someone has your back.

They say the closer your vision is to coming to fruition, the more powerful Resistance becomes…

This is why I have designed the DDA Academy to give you training and strategy but have structured it to help you rise above Resistance.  There are Implementation Sessions, Virtual Retreats and CEO Sessions that are completely focused on holding the space so that you get the important work done.

“The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.” Steven Pressfield, The War of Art 

Your work, your calling, your art, your idea, your product, your dream, your thing, YOU… are wildly IMPORTANT.

The next time Resistance comes knocking on your door, you can smile and nod, knowing you are not alone and then get down to doing your work.