The Key Missing Step Between Setting Goals and Actually Achieving Them

Whether you’re laying down epic plans to take over the world or you’re keeping things simple and focused on a few meaningful milestones…

When it comes to not just setting goals but actually achieving them, there’s a critical missing step that no one seems to be talking much about. 

Effective planning and goal setting goes something like this…

(1) Get crystal clear on how you want to feel. 

(2) Unveil your vision. 

(3) Identify the key goals you want to achieve (ensuring they are in alignment with 1 & 2).

(4) Review the key goals and get really honest with yourself about what are truly the top THREE that will create the most powerful ripple effect in your world and cross everything else off the list.

(5) Then drum roll please… HIT PAUSE! And identify the stories that are already standing in the way of you achieving success and set yourself up with new story strategies BEFORE you take your next steps. 

This is hands down one of the most effective strategies I’ve implemented personally and with my clients in the last few years! 

Your stories are what you consciously or most often unconsciously believe to be true, such as:  

I have to work really hard to make any money. 
If I’m too successful people won’t like me.  
I have to do it all on my own.  
There’s never enough time. 

Etc. etc. etc. … 

Your stories must be in alignment with what you set out to achieve or they’re going to keep blocking you from creating what you most want  over and over again. Those outdated stories will sabotage your traction every chance they get! And you’ll spend most of the year wrangling them instead of creating momentum and knocking those milestones out of the park with ease. 

So, before you go any further with your planning, I highly recommend really looking at the goals that you have set and ask yourself some questions like:

How does this goal make me feel? 
What underlying negative stories come up when I look at it?  
What new story do I need to believe is true to reach this goal? 
What consistent actions do I need to take to support my new story? 

You may be a little surprised at what comes up and how powerful this step really is. When you already know your blocks and have a strategy in place, you’ll shift them quickly when they show up – which I guarantee they will, if you are raising the bar and expanding what’s possible in your world. 

A while ago, I shared a short personal story on video on FB that talks about stories and the DDA SHIFT METHOD that I developed to help you shift them. You can check it out. 

And circling back to that overall effective planning process at the top… here’s the final step:  

(6) Break those three big goals into smaller milestones and reverse engineer the actions you need to take and when they need to happen.  

Here’s to truly setting yourself up for success with real strategies to help you get out of your own way and let your brilliance through! 

And if you’re ready to do something different and get a high level of support and strategies to map out your year, get out of your own way and implement strategies to build your business with a lot more clarity and ease please email me at