are you missing opportunities and your low hanging fruit?

Most of us know the saying “the path of least resistance” yet we tend to gravitate towards choosing the difficult, complex and often painful path and believe that struggle is a necessity.

What if this is simply not true?

Have you ever experienced something coming to you with such ease that it’s almost unnerving?  And while you celebrate, a small very suspicious voice inside wonders when and who is going to take it back?

I’ve observed that many of us get a little concerned when it’s all a bit too good to be true. It makes sense that we may opt to create chaos instead of calm, struggle instead of ease and choose drama over grace.

However, there is a very simple yet extremely powerful, usually inexpensive and often profitable method to shifting this… get extremely good at identifying your low hanging fruit and always focus your efforts there first.

Your low hanging fruit are the opportunities, ideas, decisions and actions that are right in front of you.  They are the easy route.

In business, to make a sale, your customers must know, like and trust you or your product. So, why spend thousands of dollars on advertising to gain a new customer when you have yet to maximize your current client base with for example, an e-newsletter that will cost you $35 a month and happens to remain the number one tool for communication and conversion.

Why put massive time and resources into launching a new product when maybe all the old one just needs is a small upgrade to dramatically increase sales?

Why  look for a specific type of fitness class that is a 40 minutes away when you haven’t made it to the class that’s 3 minutes down the road?

Why start a complex strict diet when you would feel great if you simply avoided refined sugar, ate more veggies, drank more water and got more sleep?

It’s not the dangling golden carrots that will turn your greatest profit or make the greatest impact, it’s the low hanging fruit already growing in your garden.  


Here’s a quick personal example:  For three years, I wanted to create a truly valuable, free giveaway on my website. I had several big ideas that would have taken months to develop. So, I did nothing for a long time until one day I looked right in front of me and there was my Strategic Planning Guide – something I had created and tested for years. So, instead of re-inventing the wheel. I simply re-worked it a bit and launched it within a few weeks.  


Where are you making things more complex and less profitable? What is the low hanging fruit that you are not seeing? I guarantee that if you consistently target your low hanging fruit and focus all your efforts there first you will gain tremendous traction with much less friction.

Here’s to more ease, grace and abundance in your life!