this one thing is truly a game changer and will help you feel centered + empowered every day!

Most of us want more time, a greater capacity to be fully present and a whole lot less hurry and distraction in our lives.


So, today I want to bring your attention to something that will make a profound difference in your focus, energy and how you feel as you navigate your full fall schedule – Your Morning Ritual.


How you wake up in the morning determines the outcomes for your day, which drives your weeks, and months and years. How you wake up in the morning is in essence how you live your life!


As simple as it is, the ripple effect of having a morning ritual is by far one of the most powerful things you can create!


There are many ways that people advocate structuring mornings.  Some arevery long and complicated (um – who has three hours in the morning before the kids get up?) And others are very specific in what you should be doing (forgive me but morning meditation is just not my thing).


How you wake up in the morning is a deeply personal journey. Your morning ritual needs to fuel YOU –  your body, mind and soul – so that you can show up in your world centered, empowered and open with the capacity to nurture those in your life, reach your goals and thrive along your journey.


The key is to spend a bit of time defining, designing and aligning a simple morning ritual that fits your rhythm, responsibilities and flow!


I have created a very simple yet powerful worksheet, YOUR MORNING ROAD MAP, to help you get started. (Earlier this year, I added this to my client implementation and I was blown away by the level of impact that it had.)


And here are five important points to pay attention to:
Creating a morning ritual is a big step in taking radical responsibility for your world. Change is uncomfortable and it’s up to you to do whatever you need to do in order to create the non-negotiable time and the space to make it happen. That might mean getting up earlier, changing your evening routine or initiating some help in the mornings from/with the kids.


As counter-intuitive as this seems for most of us, it means that YOU become the first priority in your day. And by making this happen, you will be a happier, healthier human, partner and parent all round!
Boundaries help you build trust in yourself, give others the opportunity to support you and empower them to do the same. With boundaries you first need to clearly define them, then communicate them, and finally consistently honour them. When shifting your morning routine, be mindful to share your desired changes with those who will be impacted so you can work together to make it a great experience that works for everyone. And maybe they’ll even choose to join you in creating their own routine – how awesome would that be! Happy people of all ages meeting their own needs every morning – what a concept! 🙂


You are the driving force behind your world so start your day by tuning inwards before you invite everyone else’s stuff into your sacred space. Don’t check your email or hop on social media first thing in the morning. If you do, your presence is compromised and your focus splits! What’s more important: tuning into your kids before they head off to school, sharing a moment with your partner, or the latest news flash on Facebook?


That voice inside tends to start chattering as soon as we wake up, and it doesn’t stop until we give those thoughts, stories and worries a place to rest. The art of morning journalling is a well-documented practice that allows you to freely write down all that is swirling around in your head. Meditation will do the same. Find a way to clear and quieten your mind so you can tune into how you are really feeling and hear what your soul has to share with you! 


And as you move out of silence, give yourself something positive to focus on as you start your day – create your own mantra, share some gratitude, do visualizations or crank up the music and sing your favourite song.


Moving your body and connecting with your breath first thing in the morning improves your mood, boosts your energy and releases stress.Whether you go for a walk, dance in your kitchen or hit your yoga mat, find a way to connect with that sacred vessel of yours! 


What you put into your body does one of two things – it either fuels you or drains you, physically and emotionally. So if you really want to increase your energy, productivity and focus, then pay attention to how you are nourishing yourself.


In many cultures, bathing is a sacred ritual and we are beyond fortunate to have this luxury. With a simple shift in your attention, your morning shower can become a time of gratitude, self-care and meaning.  


I have struggled with my morning ritual over the years and it really wasn’t until this year that I finally made the commitment. I started with one change at a time, and it’s made such a big difference in my life. I thought it might be fun to share it, so here’s a snapshot with some links:
  • Wake up (hit snooze at least once 🙂)
  • Journal for 10 minutes
  • Throw a spoonful of coconut oil in my mouth (What is oil pulling and how does it work?)
  • Hit my yoga mat for 10 minutes (specific routine for my back)
  • Make hot water + lemon (16 Benefits of Lemon H2O) in my Libre
  • 45 minutes of quality time with my son before he leaves for school
  • Make Matcha Tea (Benefits of Matcha Tea). Since switching from coffee to Matcha my skin, my energy and my moods have improved dramatically. 
  • Head to the beach with my pup for a 20 – 40 minute run
  • Work out for 20 – 40 minutes (Pilates, treadmill and weight training)
  • Shower + drink my Vega Shake (I eat brunch a bit later in the day)
  • Head to work (Important to note: I have over 20 active clients and 2 groups on FB with over 140 people in them, and not a single person noticed when I stopped answering emails or posting on FB before 9 am)
I am committed and flexible. Some days I fit it all in, but many days I alternate things based on how I feel and my schedule demands. I celebrate the days I get it all in and the ones where all I can do is show up for 10 minutes on my mat. What matters most is that I – and you – just keep showing up as best that we can. 


Now it’s your turn! Take your first steps or re-commit to what you know works. Grab YOUR MORNING ROAD MAP (PDF) or YOUR MORNING ROAD MAP (WORD DOC)  let me know how it goes. If I can do it – I know you can!

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