What do you really want this summer? {Free Summer Bucket List Template}

Summer is here in this part of the world and it can have a rhythm and dance of it’s own.

The season can bring long, relaxed, free flowing summer nights right alongside full schedules and the pressure to wrangle kids, entertain visitors, plan trips while keeping business humming and work projects going.

Easily lost in the mix of summer scheduling can be taking a moment to get really clear on what you want to ensure that you wrap this season feeling fulfilled and nourished.

Which is why this time every year, I invite you to set the “shoulds” aside for a few minutes and give yourself permission to write your YOUR SUMMER BUCKET LIST

This simple template includes:

  • YOUR SUMMER THEME (adventure, rejuvenate, nourish, family, creative).
  • HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL (joyful, free, abundant, grounded, creative).
  • WHAT YOU WANT TO DO (to support your theme and desired experience)

Download the YOUR SUMMER BUCKET LIST and type in the template or print it and hand write your list.

* VERY IMPORTANT* Make sure you download the template to your desktop and re-open it to type in the fields, otherwise, your content won’t save.

Print a copy for each family member so you can tune into the experiences your loved one’s crave and/or create your Family Summer Bucket List. Hang it on your fridge as a daily reminder of how you want to feel and have fun checking off your list.

And as you move into your summer, please remember that the greatest magic in our lives is really in the moments found in between the big plans… playing cards as you wait for the ferry, roasting marshmallows, watching the humming birds, water fights, impromptu hikes… the ones that are so easy to miss.

Here’s to a summer that fuels and nourishes you!