This Summer – Stay in the Magic!

Summer is here! June went by in a flash and I’m sure yours did too!

My son graduated from Elementary School, I ran the Clear Your Path Challenge, held a live event for my group and for the first time publicly spoke about my money story and going from bankrupt to abundant at the PowHERtalks in Victoria (will share the video when I receive it).

I also spent the last week and a half of June in denial of the pretty nasty flu I caught.

I could have done without the sniffles and aches but the truth is that it was pretty divine timing because it forced me to slow down and listen a little more to what my life is calling me to focus on. Something, we all need to do before shifting gears.

The summer is full and it’s to end up barreling right through without pausing to really figure out what kind of summer you want to experience.

The greatest magic in our lives is really in the moments found in the smallest cracks – the ones that are so easy to miss.

One of the things I do to help me stay in the magic at this time each year is create my SUMMER BUCKET LIST. Now, after years of doing this simple, fun exercise, you might think I find it easy to do…. well, I don’t. I resist writing this list just like I resist writing anything down that requires that I directly or indirectly answer the question – WHAT DO I WANT?

Maybe you can relate?

A lot of life is spent navigating what we should and shouldn’t do instead of giving ourselves permission to explore and get crystal clear about what we actually WANT.

But this is key. Otherwise, you can spend your time dancing just outside the experience you most desire and never give the yourself, your loved ones, your friends or the universe a chance to show up and give you what you want.

So, here’s your invitation to join me in writing your SUMMER BUCKET LIST

On this simple one-page template there’s space to write your SUMMER THEME (eg: adventure, rejuvenate, nourish, family, creative). A space to write HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL: (eg: joyful, free, abundant, grounded, creative) and then a list to fill in WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

Download the template and fill it in using the WORD TEMPLATE or print the PDF TEMPLATE and hand write on it.

Print a copy for each member of your family so you can tune into the experiences your loved one’s crave and / or create your Family Summer Bucket List. Hang it on your fridge to remind you of your desired experience and have fun checking off the list.

It really is such a great simple tool for leaning into and creating more of what you want in your world.

Here’s to more sunshine in your world!