How I landed on a rooftop patio in NYC

How I landed on a rooftop patio in NYC this summer and why it’s a story worth reading.  

Flash back to 2018 which was a tough year.

It kicked off for me by falling down the stairs, tearing my rotator cuff and spending the first half of the year in chronic pain.

The year wrapped by sleeping on the living room floor for months intensively caring for the big furry guy Merlin, as he underwent back to back ACL surgeries. (He’s just a bit too big for this girl to carry up the stairs). And in between there were other bumps. 

After the weight of the year, it’s no surprise that the theme I chose for 2019 was FREEDOM. 

Later in January, I made a bold decision and gave my kiddo a birthday card that simply said “NYC Summer 2019.”

I had no idea how I was going to make it happen but I knew it was non-negotiable. I needed to do something different. I craved fun adventure and connection with my teenager. And it was time to raise the bar on my expectations of what’s possible.  

And what I know for sure from personal experiences and countless client examples is…

Once you make a decision and you’re all in, the universe conspires to make it happen. Your job is to trust and get down to doing the work.

So, I started to take ACTION AS IF we were going and that’s when one by one things started to fall into place in the most unexpected ways.  

The trip was more than I could have ever hoped for. We visited museums, honoured folx that paved the way, ate great food and listened to music from drums in the subway to the famous Big Band at Bird Land.

We soaked in the pulsing city with it’s bright lights and big dreams in the making.

Including my own… sharing ice cream and laughs, priceless rooftop conversations and insights into the adventures ahead.

When you…
*Get fiercely focused on what matters the most 
*Courageously say YES to what your heart is calling you to do 
*Let go of the stories and get rid of the distractions standing in your way…

That’s when you reach your goals and create rich and meaningful experiences. 

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The year is NOT over yet! There is plenty of time to make things easier, get things done and wrap this year feeling amazing! 

I really hope to see you there and learn what your version of my NYC trip is!