The one game-changing question that started it all

The DDA Method, this business, the hundreds of people who’ve been able to shift the way they show up and transform their lives and businesses – started with one single question I asked myself just over a decade ago.

Until then, I had experienced success in business but the truth was that I had buried myself in my work and really struggled to create any real freedom or consistent financial sustainability.

I was driven by stories, deprivation, lack of self confidence and fear.  Consequently, I was a magnet for creating unhealthy situations and burnt out in every country I landed in. I knew something at the core of how I was showing up and navigating my world needed to change. 

I was drawn to working in the key areas of: Health, Money, Time Management, Organization, Productivity and Business Strategy. I learned tools and techniques in so many areas but I found it hard to implement anything consistently. Something was missing. 

Then, as my personal and professional journey unfolded I started to see patterns in the process for what needed to happen in order for myself and my clients to get consistent results. 

That’s when the question came… What if I could create a single foundation method that you could apply to any area of your life or business and get the same transformational results?

Within months, The DEFINE DESIGN ALIGN (DDA) METHOD was born and I’ve been evolving it ever since. 

Here’s the thing, we have access to so much information. You can google and find experts, information and instructions on how to basically do anything. 

So, why aren’t we all thriving all the time?

There is a huge gap between the knowledge we have access to and the capacity to implement and integrate that knowledge effectively.

Add in the massive number of daily distractions vying for your attention that have zero positive impact in your life or business. 

What is missing is a structured yet flexible internal navigation system that puts you in the driver’s seat.

One that ensures that regardless of what life throws at you, you have the skills to find clarity, make empowered decisions, identify strategies, implement new habits and tools to ultimately create rich alignment and freedom in a way that works for you!   

The DDA Method Foundation Training Series kicks off on October 11th! 

I’m excited about this year’s program which includes the 8 week training, a full day virtual road mapping retreat, money and health bonuses and your very own, beautiful, spiral bound copy of The DDA Planner. And two FULL scholarship opportunities.   

The EARLY BIRD registration is open. The scholarship applications are waiting. The DDA Planners are just about ready to be shipped. 

“In the first six weeks of the program, I accomplished more than I had in the previous six months!” – Stephanie Wood

“I have felt an tremendous shift from, “hustle ‘till I drop,” to creating work with intention and focus. – Carla Contreras

“Saying YES to The DDA Method Foundation Training was the best decision.  I had no idea just how much rich and empowering guidance I was about to absorb.” – Megan Shannon Martin 

I started this all with a question, so I’ll end with a question for you. 

Is it time to get off the treadmill, redefine success and master some new skills so you can start experiencing more freedom and alignment in your world?