During my twenties, I used to joke that “commitment” was the real C word.

Freedom was what I most desired which was reflected in every new country I lived in and each different evolution of myself I stepped into.

I was so focused on my quest to be untethered from external commitments I thought would tie me down, I failed to understand that commitment is really first and foremost, about the sacred contracts you have with yourself.

The agreements you keep, the inner integrity you hold, the trust you build within.

Standing on a rooftop in Austin last week, with 200 incredibly brave humans, my heart beating alongside the music and my chest expanding with each rhythmic breath, I reflected on what it actually took to be there.

It all started three years ago with the non-negotiable decision to heal my brain and nervous system and setting myself up to succeed.

We all make commitments to ourselves yet why is it that so often we just can’t seem to see them through?

It’s because there are three key things needed to fulfill them.

> The aligned STORY that you choose to believe.
> The strength of the STRUCTURE that you put into place and practice.
> The SUPPORT you enlist by the people you surround yourself with.

The Story
Your stories drive your emotions.
Your emotions drive your decisions.
Your decisions drive your actions.
Your actions drive your outcomes.
Your outcomes affirm your identity.

Who you believe you are and what is possible.

Often our commitments start with the decision.  

But when your story, the subconscious belief you hold to be true isn’t in alignment and doesn’t support the commitment then it becomes extremely difficult to keep showing up, regardless of the decision you made because often the old story wins and sabotages you before you’ve even gotten started.

The Structure
You need a structure to step into that new story and elevated identity and consistently take action AS IF your new story is true. A navigation system to help you stay on track and pay attention to your priorities, help clear your distractions and create new habits and rituals to guide you back to focusing on your commitments.

The Support
Those who are most successful in fulfilling their commitments have tremendous support built into their world.

Accountability partners, training coaches, cheerleaders, soul sisters and brothers. People who challenge you to change the narrative of who you are, remind you of your commitments and help you to stay the course, do the work and celebrate the journey with you.

I’m going to make the bold assumption that you made some important commitments to yourself at the beginning of the year and I invite you to take a moment right now and reflect on where you’re at with them.

Maybe this is the year you decided to put your health first, spend more time with loved ones or finally become financially savvy.

If you’ve been wavering in your commitment, then here are three prompts to help you dive a little deeper and return to what matters most.

  • What are you really committed to this year?
  • Is there an outdated belief standing in the way of what you truly desire? If yes, what is your new story to support your growth?
  • What structure do you need to implement to help you stay the course?
  • What support do you need to be accountable to yourself?

Here’s to cultivating deep trust and confidence in yourself.

Once you do, everything is possible.