Money Immersion Doors OPEN!

It’s nine years since I filed for bankruptcy.

Someone else made the decision for me and with it my world imploded.

I remember the play by play of the day I found out as if it happened yesterday.

The shock, the fear, the shame, the anger and how utterly powerless I felt tore through every area of my business and life.

Bankrupt and back on my own, I made the non-negotiable decision to finally take radical responsibility for my financial independence.

Denial and blame keeps you stuck. Acceptance gives you the power to change.

As painful as it was, once I was finally ready to see the truth… one tiny, devoted step at a time everything started to change.

I’m sharing this with you because your relationship to money impacts everything.

It weaves it’s way into all areas of your life and business. Your emotional wellbeing, your health, your confidence, your relationships, your options, the decisions you make, the strategies you implement in your business… everything.

Which is also why the ripple effect of stepping into an empowered relationship with your money is game-changing!

For the first time publicly, I’m opening the doors to The Entrepreneurs’ Money Immersion.

Inside this simple yet incredibly powerful program is the step by step method I used to change my relationship with money, pay off debt, triple my income, change my money habits, implement systems and create an entirely different level of financial independence.

Over the last five years, I’ve shared this process inside of The DDA Business Academy and with my private clients and it has always been one of the most transformative parts of the work…

The DDA Money Course gave me a completely different perspective on my finances and has been the most impactful! I have doubled my revenue, raised my rates, have clarity of where I’m at and a plan for my future. Most importantly, I finally have a great relationship with money with easy and tremendously effective techniques to help me stay on track to my definition of success. – Julie Starsage, Acupuncturist

I used to be terrified to look at my bank account but after taking The DDA Money Course and working with Leah, I now look at it everyday. I reached my revenue goals, have consistent weekly money dates and learned to shift my money stories. If you want to start truly building a new empowered relationship with money – this is for you! – Caroline Carson, Luxury Real Estate Agent

I spent years hiding from my money, both when I had it and when I didn’t. Through the DDA Money Course and working with Leah, I was able to unravel the money stories, anxiety and fear of the truth of my numbers. Then implemented strategies to consistently shift the stories and systems to stay on top of my finances. An interesting thing happens when you change your relationship to your money and put your attention there… that’s where the abundance starts to flow! – Karla Shields, Owner, The Seasoned Kitchen

I’m deeply excited to offer this program in this new accessible format.

My heart is in this.

As a previously bankrupt, self employed, single woman and independent parent who’s navigated a lot in this life, I am dedicated to crushing the statistics and being part of a new story…

One of independence, grace, courage, financial freedom and abundance inside and out.

I know just how unfair, painful, paralyzing and terrifying some circumstances are.

I also know that when you make the non-negotiable decision, keep showing up, have the methods, tools and support you need is when what feels impossible – becomes unquestionably possible.

Here are all the details for THE ENTREPRENEURS’ MONEY IMMERSION. Registration is now open!

If you have any questions, please email us at!

Here’s to your new level of financial independence.



And if you want to experience part of the program and you missed The Free Money Story Workshop, here is DIRECT ACCESS to the replay.