Resistance, Freedom & Money

In over 20 years of personal experiences and working with clients, there’s one undeniable truth… 

The more resistance you feel, the greater the freedom there is on the other side.

Freedom to live in alignment with your values, be creative, make an impact, spend time on what truly matters with those you love. 

Money doesn’t make a person free – that’s an inside job. 

Money is however, an extremely powerful vehicle to choose how you live your life. 

Money also happens to hold some of the greatest resistance. 

Having the hard money conversation with your partner
Looking at your numbers
Accepting the financial decisions you’ve made 
Creating financial goals 
Setting up money systems 
Diving deep into understanding and shifting your money stories
Consistently showing up for your money dates

Resistance wants you to stay exactly where you are and the longer you wait with her, the greater her hold is on you.  

The more frustrated you feel and the less confidence you have as time passes and the further away your freedom becomes. 

People who make real changes in their financial independence don’t have some secret superpower… 

They’ve just made it non-negotiable and learned how to move through the resistance and take action because they know the staggering return it will have. The Define Design Align Money Immersion doors are open. 

Not only is this program for you if you’re ready to define financial success on your terms, clear your money blocks, break through your money ceiling, create a plan and establish money systems and habits. 

It’s for you to learn exactly how to navigate through your resistance, apply it to all areas, build trust and priceless confidence in yourself…. which is where true freedom lives.  

Inside the program you’ll receive: 

  • The Define Design Align Money Course: A proven step by step method and online training.
  • Workbooks and Templates: Your Money Workbook, Money Road Map, Revenue Map, Cashflow Planning System and more.
  • Money Practice Tools: Visualizations, meditations, and mantras to quickly align and embody your new financial identity.
  • 8 x 1 Hour (+ Q&A) Live Workshops & Coaching: Direct coaching and accountability to do the work! Sessions are recorded.
  • Private Community and The DDA Network: A powerful like-minded, community devoted to reclaiming their financial wellbeing.

BONUS: You’ll have 12 months access to the program and support AND you’ll be invited to join the next live series which is KEY. 

Creating financial independence is a practice. It’s not going to happen overnight but it will happen if you keep implementing the proven strategies that work and have the support you need. 

The biggest concern that I receive about this program is the resistance to committing and the worry that you’re not going to have enough time or capacity. 

The fear that if you invest and don’t get your entire financial life together in just 8 weeks then you’ll have failed and be left to figure it out on your own… again! 

Here’s why the program works.
In addition to the strategies and tools, you’re going to finally learn the skills you need to keep showing up for yourself and one small action at a time you’ll step become a different person with your money and build a new level of financial wellbeing.  

You’ll feel the resistance and still say YES, time and again. 

That’s when the real magic happens. 

You’ve just got to get started