I’m packing up my bags to head to a training in Austin, Texas this week.

As I was making the decision to go, I noticed how easy it was to make the commitment and the investment.

Money decisions used to be extremely difficult. 

It wasn’t until I defined what I truly valued, shifted my relationship with money and really understood my numbers, that making smart and empowered financial decisions started to happen with more clarity and ease.

We make a whopping average of 35,000 decisions a day!

Considering how many of them have a financial consideration or impact, it’s no surprise that if you don’t have a solid financial foundation it’s a lot of navigating in the unknown which creates an incredible amount of stress and good decisions often become outright impossible to make.

It’s also why so many people never reach their financial goals.

It’s interesting to track just how many financial decisions you’re making in a day when you…

  • Eat pasta instead of steak
  • Change your software
  • Hire a team member
  • Turn up the heat in your house
  • Say YES to a meeting
  • Implement a system
  • Launch a program
  • Drink a glass of wine

And when it comes to your business…every single decision you make impacts your bottom line.

You might be surprised to know that the dramatic change in my financial circumstance along with most of my clients all started with a short yet non-negotiable consistent weekly money date.

That’s because one of the greatest barriers to breaking through your money ceiling and stepping into greater wealth and abundance is simply devoting time, energy and focus ON your money.

Without it, nothing changes.

Your money date is the designated time to work through your money stories, put financial systems in place, track and manage your money and pay close attention to what’s happening with your finances and the energetics surrounding it.

What you focus on EXPANDS.

Considering there’s a very good chance that a shift in your financial circumstances is part of your 2023 vision, I wanted to share two extremely valuable free money resources with you along with an invitation to have a private money date with me!

Your Free Money Resources:

(1) The DDA Money Date Template (Document)
Your money date template is designed to help you create your customized money date to make it easy to get and stay on track.

(2) The DDA Monthly Money Road Map (Document)
This 12 month Road Map is designed to help you land at the end of each month, take stock of the energetics and your numbers, reflect and gather insights then set your financial goals and focus before launching into the next month.

Take just 20 minutes right now to download these templates and watch the super short videos!


Best Money Date Ever PLUS full access to The DDA Money Immersion!

If this is the year that you’re finally DONE not taking your financial independence seriously and ready to have a money plan, make decisions with ease, make more money and be free of so much financial stress – This is for you! 

Here’s how this rolls:

For a limited time, when you sign up for The DDA Money Immersion, you’ll not only receive full access to the step by step method that has helped hundreds of individuals and business owners, you’ll also join the next LIVE money series AND receive a private money date with me {$600 value}.

During our money date, we’ll dive deep and clear your money blocks, create your money plan, look at your money systems and habits, ensure all your financial questions are answered and that you’re on track for an abundant year ahead.

There are limited spots. Check it out here and hit reply if you have questions! 

I always knew I’d find my way to Texas…

In a recent random Google search this hilarious photo popped up.

I grew up on a farm, spent my childhood riding horses and wrangling goats and also won All Round Cowgirl in the 80’s.

I’m off to find my cowgirl boots and belt buckle.

Watch out Austin, I’m coming for ya!