if you can have it now…what are you waiting for?

Are you tired of paddling upstream alone?

I know you want freedom, abundance, momentum and results!

Here’s the truth – if you try to do it alone, you will not reach your full potential. Your journey will take you longer, it will be harder and you will spend more energy and money venturing down paths that you simply don’t need to go.    

Whether it’s as simple as hanging a painting on a wall you can’t reach, parenting support,  strategies for your business or financial guidance… someone has the exact thing you need. The universe is simply waiting for you to be brave and ask so it can deliver. 

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from clients “Excuse me for this,  I am sorry for the mess or I must be the worst xyz you’ve seen.” My response…

“You are just like everyone else with one huge difference –  

you are courageous and wise to ask for help!”    


So why do we keep our lips sealed?  Here are 3 key things holding you back…   


1. Overwhelm & Confusion

You have so much going on that you are simply unable to get clear on what you need most. 


If this is you, then I’d highly recommend first taking some time to step out of your world and give yourself some breathing space. Often we simply need a break and a new pair of glasses to be able to “see” clearly.  Then you will better understand what is the real priority. Write down all the things that are causing you pain and frustration and look for the one thing that would give you the greatest immediate positive return.  And start there.  If you are totally stuck then find someone who can help you dissipate the chaos to find your first step.         


Fear of judgement, rejection and shame (just to name a few) or the fear that you may just get exactly what you need – it’s not easy to receive. Or it may be one of the many ingrained beliefs & past experiences you have had.  


Regardless of the reason, in order to ask for help you are going to have to fully accept where are right now. Then shift your perception to see that this is an opportunity for growth and change. Denial will keep you stuck and alone.    


3. Resources & Connections  

You don’t have the money or time to invest and you don’t know how to find what you need.   


Honestly, in my experience, you don’t have the money or time not to invest in getting help. How much time and money is it costing and pain is it causing you to stay where you are? We build stories around what we can’t have and why. How hard something is going to be. How expensive it is. And we often do this without any concrete information at all.


You will find the resources and connections when you
decide that staying where you are is worse than the vulnerability it’s going to take to ask for help!   

Ask and you shall receive! I have countless stories about people who reached out and within weeks they had their questions answered, people in place, new perspectives, problems solved.       


The most successful people in life have a network of support and expertise on speed dial! If you want to truly thrive in your life and business then it’s time to start building yours, one challenge, one person at a time.  


What do you need help with right now?   


If you know what you need and who can help you then why not take a deep breath and just pick up that phone!  


And if you don’t, here’s the deal... if you send me an email  and in one sentence tell me what you need and who you are looking for, I am going to help you find them. And if you are a stuck mess, then we can talk about other options. The point is – there is someone waiting for you to ask and is going to respond with bells on!  

So, just for today. Stop giving and practice receiving!

Believe me, I know the magnitude of taking this step!