Feeling behind? This is for you {Your FREE Mid-Year Review}

At this mid-point in the year, it’s easy to feel the underlying sense that you should be further along.

This comes with a low grade pressure and the idea that if you just moved a little quicker, hustled a little more, jumped over that one last hoop you would finally catch up, or even get ahead. 

But what if you weren’t set up for success in the first place? 

What if your measuring stick is broken? 

What if the absolute most productive thing you could do is…pause and do less?

The world is designed to fuel your stories that you aren’t doing enough, don’t have enough and will never be enough while simultaneously distracting you from taking care of what really matters, keeping the disempowering cycle going. 

There are a lot of extremely effective, practical strategies to manage your priorities and navigate your time in a different way to set yourself up to get things done more efficiently.

These include things like effective planning, timelines, time blocking and setting boundaries however, the first and most powerful thing you can do is not a strategy. 

It’s the fundamental decision to opt out of the entire idea of being behind altogether.

Focus on all the things you’ve accomplished, trust where you are right now then get fiercely proactive about opting out and doing less of things that aren’t serving you.

To help you do this, here is Your Annual Midyear Reflection Workbook.

This is your invitation to take stock, interrupt your patterns, acknowledge all that you’ve navigated, identify what’s working, what you’re ready to let go of, and your real priorities as you set sail into the second half of the year. The month of July not only marks the middle of the year, it’s also my business anniversary (14 years) and my birthday (28 years young (wink :). 

It’s always a time of deep reflection and re-orientation. 

It’s also when I inevitably need to create a container to go within, create, rest, play and ultimately practice being present.  

Which is why for the last three summers I’ve built a social media and communication pause into my schedule. 

One of the most important things this container does is that it allows me to unplug from the relentless messages that I should be somewhere other than I am and gives me the space to remember that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be. 

Go complete Your Annual Midyear Review and you may soon discover that all this time you’ve been trying to catch up to the life that is already here.

Have a great rest of your month!