Harness the power of completion for an amazing summer experience. {NEW Summer Bucket List Template!}

Unfinished business, incomplete projects, loose ends and outstanding commitments wreak havoc on our businesses and lives.

Complicating things, creating clutter, distraction, anxiety and an inability to focus, be productive or present in the moment.

Yet every time we complete one thing, we often turn around and leave two more undone.

Completion is a practice.

An approach to how you do things that frees your energy, creates momentum and joy, builds trust in yourself and affirms who you’re becoming.

The end of June marks the mid-point of the year and the beginning of summer.

Now is the time to take care of those outstanding things weighing you down by making the decision how you’re going to deal with them so you clear your path for an amazing summer experience.

Here’s a short, super easy yet powerful exercise to get you started.

(1) The first step is to make your Unfinished Business List. Write down whatever comes so it’s out of your mind.

(2) The second step is to run each item through the following Five D’s of Completion to determine how you’re going to bring each item to completion.

The Five D’s of Completion:

  1. Do It: Identify when and how long it will take and mark it in your calendar.
  2. Delay It: Make a decision to set it aside. Get it off your current list and give it a time and date to do or revisit it.
  3. Delegate It: Give it to someone else.
  4. Dump It: Cancel it, throw it out, let it go!
  5. Dance on It: Often there are things we just don’t have enough clarity or information to make a decision yet. Dancing on something is permission to give yourself time to explore and gather information.

Practice implementing The Five D’s of Completion and you’ll be amazed at how free you feel and how much easier it is to get things done!

Then if you haven’t done so already, create Your Summer Bucket List! 

Your Summer Bucket List is NOT just a list of things to do.

It’s a call to reflect, focus on the meaningful experiences that you want to create and become devoted to your real priorities in a whole new way.

Download it here.

Share this template with your family, partner or your team!

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Intentionally design your summer and bring completion to all those unfinished things and you’ll have the space and presence for an amazing season!