Are you of feeling behind? {Free Mid Year Reflection Workbook}

We are halfway through 2021 and what’s been coming up a lot in conversation recently is this underlying sense that we should be further along.

That low grade pressure followed by this idea that if we just moved a little quicker, hustled a little more, jumped over that one last hoop we would finally catch up or even get ahead

I’m curious if you’re feeling it too?

Given the broken measuring sticks we (and society) tend to hold ourselves up against, how often we overcommit while simultaneously underestimating how long things take and fail to take into consideration the inevitable unexpected… it’s pretty easy to understand why feeling behind is the norm.

Yet, that relentless feeling of being behind robs us of the present moment, fuels our stories of never doing or being enough and is about as unproductive and disempowering as it gets.

There are a lot of extremely effective, practical strategies to manage your priorities and navigate your time in a different way to set yourself up to get things done more efficiently.

These include things like planning with timelines, time blocking, letting go of outdated commitments, ditching the distractions and setting boundaries.

However, the first and most powerful thing you can do is not a strategy. It’s the fundamental decision to opt out of the entire idea of being behind altogether.

Instead consistently practice accepting and trusting where you are then proactively choose what you will do next, adjusting along the way.

Notice the stories that are fueling your experience and take the insights as an opportunity to change the way you’re showing up and the words you’re using.

Without buying into the BS that you are behind.

Another powerful practice that helps confirm that you’re meant to be right here, right now is reflection.

Every summer, I send out The Annual Mid Year Reflection Workbook with the invitation to pause, interrupt your patterns, acknowledge all that you’ve navigated, identify what’s working, what you’re ready to let go of, and what matters the most.

This simple process will provide you with important insights, information and a clear path forward for the rest of the year.

So, make a date with yourself and fill out your DDA Mid Year Review and Reflection Workbook.

There are two formats available:


CLICK HERE *Type right into this editable template or print it. * Important: Make sure you download the PDF to your desktop and re-open it before typing into the fields, otherwise, your content won’t save.

You may soon discover that all this time you’ve been trying to catch up to the life that is already here.