Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year!

This holiday season, I kept my commitment to unplug completely from social media and focus on tuning in. And with the big furry guy (my dog Merlin) still recovering from his first surgery, it was hands down the quietest Christmas we’ve had.  Although, this girl is starting to get a little cabin fever, I am grateful for the time I had to slow right down and do some deep reflection.

I know that for many, the holidays are a full time of year and if you haven’t had a chance to take a few minutes to do your YEAR END WRAP – I highly recommend it. 

I always really enjoy hearing about other’s insights from their reflections so I thought I’d share a quick snapshot of mine.

Ahhh… 2018, you were amazing and you sucked! 

On the business front I celebrated my 10 Year Anniversary (10 YEARS IN PHOTOS), launched The DDA Academy, collaborated with the incredible women at the Thrive Art Studio on the DDA Money Course for Artists, had the honour of speaking at Creative Mornings, launched The DDA Method Foundation Training Series and ran two Free Challenges – The Clear Your Path and The Do Something Different Challenge (with a standing invitation to join.)

I had the joy of hitting the dance floor with some new, amazing humans as well as grateful to continue to work with those we’ve been together for years… many who totally rocked 2018! Not just by achieving great things but by truly shifting the way they showed up and created deep alignment… experiencing so much more of what they wanted.

In short… it was a big year of expansion. 

And with it came success and some definite growing pains. I outgrew my systems right out the gate and became acutely aware of things that needed an upgrade. Like my boundaries and some very outdated stories. Which is why I recently shared what happens when you’re DONE and how this last year – I quit more times than any other. 

When you choose to say YES, the reality is that often there’s a gap and a bridge to cross as you build your capacity to create a new level of sustainability.

Personally, this year was pretty jam packed with limiting and painful physical injuries that included tearing my shoulder, family members having their own circumstances and good old Merlin blowing out both his knees.

I reluctantly and ungracefully at times had to embrace a whole lot of lessons in being human. I came through with not only a much deeper understanding and compassion for those who suffer with chronic pain or other truly limiting challenges but a whole new level of clarity and devotion to creating alignment in my world.

I was reminded time and again of Brene Brown’s words: Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. 

2019… The Year of Alignment

Although it doesn’t feel like a super sexy theme for the year – I am DONE with the HUSTLE and pressure to create THE MOST EPIC YEAR IN THE HISTORY OF ALL TIME…. I’m just super stoked to dive in, focus on what matters the most, get super strong and healthy, do some great work with amazing humans and together create and experience more freedom, abundance and joy!

I would love to know how your year unfolded? What were your lessons learned and how are you feeling about the year ahead?
Hit reply and let me know!

And if you’re curious about what’s happening on the DDA front – I’m excited to share the current line up for 2019.

A nine month intimate mastermind experience that combines business training, laser focused strategy, skill development, 1:1 personalized coaching, access to expertise and resources, implementation accountability with unconditional community support – giving you transformational results.

Registration opens next week. I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes videos, you can take a sneak peek here  and here are a few words from a few amazing people who showed up and said YES this last year.

In less than a year, I completely re-branded my business, created my new website, increased my social presence and launched my new online program with huge success. Stephanie Wood EFT Specialist and Master Trainer

The DDA Academy is a life changing curriculum. The support, accountability, and strategies of the program inspired me to deeply expand my vision of what I thought to be possible. Most importantly it supported me to publish and launch The Grateful Jar Project in ways I would not otherwise have considered and positioned me for success.  – Krystin Clark, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker

The DDA Academy is an amazing business training program, essential to any entrepreneur looking to find their next edge, their fullest potential and deepest fulfillment. It gave me a crystal clear vision about where I really was holding myself back and what I could change to thrive in my business in the way I dreamed. I had the courage to change roles and then restructure my money, branding and services to better align with my purpose, financial goals and vision of freedom. –  Cindy Stockdale, Yoga Teacher, Medicine Woman and Business Manager

Check out The DDA Academy HERE. 

Designed to give you a high level of individual attention and strategic support based on your specific needs and focused on your business and / or your life.  There are a few different options of working together that include one off deep dive strategy sessions to intimate, long term, working partnerships. These are currently not listed on my website as spaces are limited. Hit reply to this email, I’ll send you the information package and we can set up a call to connect.

If you know you are ready to do some things differently and want support in figuring out how to make it happen but you are unsure about your next steps – it’s truly my pleasure to connect. I have spent over a decade creating a broad and rich community of people I work with and I’m happy to help you find that resource, whether it’s working with me or not.

Here’s to leaning into this year with clarity, ease and devotion to what matters the most to YOU!