How to make smarter, aligned and empowered decisions in seconds

Experiencing more freedom, reaching your goals and achieving better results all start with making consistent, empowered decisions in alignment with who you are and what you truly want. 

In each of your moments – you have the choice to come from a place of fear, pain, old stories and contract or the power to choose from a place of truth, love, trust, and expand. 

It is always one or the other regardless of the size of the decision or the impact. 

Empowered decision making is one of THE most important skills you can develop. 

There are many strategic, analytical ways that you can make decisions which are valuable and yet there is one profoundly simple method I’ve created that cuts through that pros and cons list in seconds.

It’s called The DDA Expansion Method for Decision Making. 

I’ve shared this method with hundreds of clients, it works every time and makes the process so much easier. And I’m sharing it with you today! 

I developed the method because I used to find myself painfully spinning in indecision a lot. Empowered decision making is a practice – one that happens to be a skill set that I am refocusing on building in 2020. 

Below is a 6 minute video that walks you through the method. Here is a written summary to print: THE DDA EXPANSION METHOD FOR DECISION MAKING PDF

I’d love to know how it lands for you! 

Here’s to easier decisions and a whole lot more alignment and growth in 2020.