Bankruptcy was one of the best things that happened in my last decade

In October 2012, I filed for bankruptcy.

It was not the path I would have chosen but there were decisions being made beyond my control.

And in one fell swoop my world imploded. The ripple effect tore through every area of my life.

I remember the day I found out. Driving to pick up my kid from school, I could hardly see and had to pull over on the side of the road. Under the shade of a tree, I punched my steering wheel so hard and furiously that it scared me.

I was so angry… at myself.

After all these years, all this work, starting over at least a half dozen times, was I really going to have to do it again?

The truth is that one way or another it was destined to happen.

I was trying to create a thriving life while simultaneously in denial, scarcity and fear.

Going bankrupt was one of the best things that happened in my last decade.

It was the wake up call I needed and no one died.

Well, not literally… but I knew that the only way to truly change the trajectory of my life was to let go of the parts of me that were standing in the way, the stories I believed and fundamentally change how I was showing up and doing things.

Since the day I sat in that cold Vancouver office, trembling and sick to my stomach as I signed those papers I’ve accomplished many things like…

I tripled my income
Paid off $34,000 in debt
Funded braces, surgeries and priceless trips
Financed my own home (Which as a self employed, independent parent with a trashed credit rating, I was told was impossible)

All of which I’m super proud of yet here’s the thing… it’s never really about the money (the number on the scale or the vacation)

It’s about the person you choose to become along the way.

The greatest thing that I did was that I finally started taking responsibility for the life I wanted to live and the business I wanted to create to contribute to the world.

It required getting really honest with myself, finding clarity in what was important, making hard yet better decisions, learning new skills, changing habits, reaching out to get expertise and asking for help.

Step by step I figured out how to rebuild my foundation and make the changes I needed to move into a whole new level of freedom.

Whether it’s a lack of financial sustainability, struggling to find time for what matters the most or that relentless feeling like whatever you do is never enough.

Scarcity and fear show up in many ways and will impact your entire experience, how you live and build your business and what you are able to achieve.

And what I now know is that there really is a different way of doing things that makes it so much easier to thrive.

If you are ready to step into a new way of being to become the driving force in your business and life, define success on your terms and do what it’s going to take to cultivate deep alignment and abundance… I invite you to explore The DDA Academy.

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My wish for you as you lean into this new year is that you let go of what no longer serves you and go after what your heart desires… you pick up that paint brush, go on that family road trip, publish that book, launch that program…and experience so much more ease, abundance and joy on the journey!