The accidental entrepreneur

You may be surprised to learn that I, like many, am a bit of an accidental business owner. 

Yet my life as an entrepreneur has now spanned three decades. 

My journey started when I was 16. Struggling with my health, body image, and self esteem, I joined the fitness center that was attached to the golf club and restaurant that I worked at part-time.

There I met an incredible fitness instructor who took my fragile teenage self under her wings and within a year, I’d made the decision to become an aerobics instructor and personal trainer so I could help to empower others. 

My CEO journey started in a bright blue 90’s fitness bodysuit.  

Over the next two decades, I lived in Australia, England, and Japan.

Among many business ventures, I launched one of the first robust personal training programs in eleven fitness centers across London.

I started a consulting company in Japan called “Mirai” which means “the future” and had many unique opportunities like working with the most highly regarded Japanese lighting designer, negotiating the exclusive distribution rights for Mattel Scrabble, and working with an offshore financial company before returning home to launch what is now The Define Design Align Co. 

Most entrepreneurs I know don’t start out wanting to run a business. They have a passion and a gift that they are called to share with the world. The business just happens to be the vehicle to do it. 

However, there are so many moving pieces to running a business that the business itself can become the greatest challenge and prevent you in being able to show up in the world and get on with doing the great work that you are meant to do. 

What if designing a thriving and sustainable business is easier than you’ve experienced so far?

What I’ve learned over the last 30 years is that there are standard building blocks used to create the solid foundation every successful business needs and once you understand how they fit together – it’s a game changer!

Regardless of the size of your business or the scope of your vision, unless you have these key pillars in place and apply the knowledge, strategies and methods to specifically design your unique vision of success – you’ll work very hard, spinning your wheels for years, trying to figure it out.  

Which is why I created The DDA Academy. 

The DDA Academy 
is a very unique program that not only teaches you the key pillars and how to design your business – you also receive the customized strategy, implementation support, and accountability you need to gain real traction.

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out those building blocks and the road map… here it is:   

First, you need a solid vision, concrete customized plan, and method to keep YOU, the CEO, in the driver’s seat. This includes your rock star systems and support. (THE DDA METHOD)

Next up you’ve got to know your numbers and create your profit map to support your next level of financial success and clear your money blocks! (DDA YOUR MONEY)

Then, build a business model based on products and services that are priced and positioned to serve your ideal customers and built on your brilliance. (DDA YOUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES)

Know your audience so you communicate with them effectively, through your clear message and world class brand. (DDA YOUR PEOPLE, BRAND AND MESSAGE)

Then get out there and share your magic with smart, aligned marketing so you become a magnet for those you’re meant to serve. (DDA YOUR MARKETING AND SALES) 

Your journey in The DDA Academy starts by getting crystal clear on what success is for you. Then based on your vision, goals and customized plan, you’ll dive into implementing the strategies relevant to where you are in your business so you can get on with doing the work you love! 

There’s a reason 75% of the 2019 cohort is returning for 2020!

“I knew I didn’t want to struggle for years in building my business, and working with Leah was my express ticket past all of that.” – Lindyn Williams

“Leah and the DDA community have been instrumental in having created my business and life that I love. I would not be where I am without her fierce devotion to my process and journey.” – Tanis Frame

“Leah challenged me to dig deep and create a business that aligns with what feels authentic for me. I’ve changed my relationship to work, have total clarity in my vision, and the next steps to follow are the ones that light me up!” – Amy Kubanek

Details of The DDA Academy are HERE. Registration deadline is January 26th. If you want to book a 100% no obligation call to talk about whether it’s a good fit for you at this time and answer your questions, please CLICK THIS LINK I’d love to connect. 

At the end of the day, I’m still that girl in those tights teaching aerobics classes…I just have a few more of the steps figured out now and I’d love to share them with you!