Learn how to cultivate financial abundance {Free Money Workshop}

Many entrepreneurs start their journey because they have a passion and gift to share with the world and a deep desire to serve.

They want to create a great life, doing what they love in alignment with their values and integrity.

So, they get to work and put their heart and soul into their vision.

One of the very first things required to build a sustainable business is understanding the money piece… knowing your numbers, creating a revenue model that works and generating sales.

Because without this, you can quickly end up with a really expensive hobby, a job that doesn’t pay very well or a charitable organization… not a business.

If you struggle with the money piece, know you’re not alone! So many people do and yet, it’s almost never about the money.

The basics of money management is actually pretty straight forward. Numbers are numbers and if you read enough books on the subject, you’ll see very quickly that most of them say the exact same things. However, your job is not to become a financial planning expert and know all the things.

Your job as the CEO of your business is to create financial sustainability so that it supports your personal financial health and that life you’re working so hard to create.

In my experience, so much of the “money work” that is required is about clearing the sabotaging stories so you can step into an empowered relationship with your business finances, understand your numbers and get the expertise, support and accountability you need.

It all starts with the courageous decision to really anchor in your role as a business owner and make financial sustainability non-negotiable. Then you take ONE small, aligned step forward, then another and another.

Following the last workshop I held, I received several messages about big and small changes that people made and ripple effects that started to happen. There’s one about money that really struck me…

This story shifting maven who is also an entrepreneur, shared with me that the shame and fear surrounding her financial circumstances had been “slowly killing her”.

However, the morning after she did the workshop she woke up with a completely different mindset and made a big decision to move out of suffering and paralysis and do something different.

She followed the DDA SHIFT Method and took specific action as if her new money story was true and made an appointment with the bank. She proceeded to completely consolidate all her debt and with the current interest rates, her payments only increased slightly and on top of that, she created a contingency savings of $15,000.

“I can’t even express how this feels.”

With ONE new story, ONE decision, ONE action… she just changed the trajectory of her world and her experience. The ripple of this will be felt for years to come.

I’m making your ONE NEXT STEP as easy as possible, so don’t miss this!

Join me for The Entrepreneurs’ Money Story Workshop.
It’s free – no strings and YES, there is a recording if you can’t make it live.

D‍ATE: Friday, April 30th,
TIME: 10 am – 12 pm PST


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