Manifesting, making habits stick, and reaching your goals {FREE WORKSHOP}

I get asked a lot of questions about manifesting.

I don’t use this word often because quite frankly there’s a lot of privileged, misleading bullsh*t out there about it.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in the tremendous power of our feelings, thoughts, decisions and actions.

In fact at the core, this is exactly what this work and the Define Design Align Method is all about.

Countless times, I’ve experienced and witnessed the seemingly impossible come to fruition in the most profound ways.

When someone gets crystal clear on their vision and changes their limiting stories enough to start aligning their thoughts, habits and daily practices with their new identity then the Universe (World, The Divine, God) powerfully starts reflecting this back to them and the magic unfolds.

The crazy opportunities show up, you meet the exact person to help you, you receive the money from out of nowhere, new clients start calling and that far off goal becomes a reality.

Each one of these steps is essential to creating change and the one that is most often missing and not clearly understood is the significant role that your identity plays.

Knowing how to shift your identity and step into being the driving force in your business and life is a game changer!

This is just one of the key things you’ll learn how to do inside The Business of YOU {FREE Workshop}

You will also, understand the architecture of your business, create a clear vision and identify your impact goals for the rest of 2021 then craft the your new CEO Schedule so you wake up every morning taking empowered actions.

This is an extremely valuable workshop!

This is the first time I’ve shared this outside of my programs and it’s the only time I’m offering it this year!

JOIN US on Friday, September 17th @ 10 AM – 12 PM (Pacific)

YES, there is a replay so sign up even if you can’t make it live!

What if I don’t own a business, can I still join?
YES, although this workshop is geared towards business owners, the process you’ll learn is also completely applicable to your career and life.

I’ve been doing this work for over two decades.

What I know for sure is that there is a methodology to your vision coming to fruition, reaching your goals and manifesting what you want.

It’s not a linear process and it requires deep devotion.

However, once you say YES, consciously choose who you are being and consistently take aligned actions the world will show up and meet you in the most incredible ways.

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