Feel Empowered by Changing ONE Word

As you lean into this September, if you’re feeling a little more overwhelmed and unsure about the direction you’re going, you’re not alone.

Not only are we collectively continuing to experience uncertainty, individually I’ve observed more rapid shifts for those in my community in the last 18 months than I have in over a decade of doing this work.

Businesses transitioning, jobs ending, relationships evolving and locations changing… just to name a few.

Whether you’re navigating big transitions or there’s an unshakable, rising knowing that something needs to change, it’s easy to feel ungrounded, exhausted and confused or at best really uncomfortable.

Over an extended period of time this is incredibly hard on your mental and physical health and capacity to function effectively let alone experience joy.

The longer we linger in limbo, the harder it can be to move forward.

We don’t talk enough about seasons in the unknown and we certainly are not taught how to navigate them in an empowering way.

On top of that, society does a great job of convincing us that if you’ve got it good enough then you’d better hold on even if it doesn’t feel right anymore.

Or that if you really know what you’re doing then when it’s time to make your move, you’ll quickly and gracefully dance across that bridge between where you are now and where you’re going wearing a flowing dress, singing this is The Best Day of My Life.

Like somehow, you’re supposed to be able to bounce back from your divorce, pivot your business overnight or emerge from a pandemic with confidence, knowing exactly what your next steps are.

Between the fact that we are essentially hard-wired to avoid uncertainty which triggers our fears and anxiety and the shame, pressure and stories surrounding not knowing what’s next… it’s no wonder we get stuck and spin.

But what if we could finally embrace the unknown places that we must go, the in-between seasons for what they really are… some of the most important times in our lives.

Where you have access to powerful insights and your deepest desires. A profound opportunity to clear what’s blocking your path and unveil who you are truly becoming.

What if we redefined limbo for what it really is… information gathering?!

When you give yourself permission to accept where you are and actively choose to trust, your fears will ease just long enough to hear the answers and the puzzle pieces will start to fall into place faster than you thought possible.

If you’re dancing in uncertainty these days, do this journaling practice by writing down the following every morning for seven days.

(1) Anchor in trust by writing the following (or a version of it that resonates with you): I am exactly where I’m meant to be and I trust my next steps are becoming clear.

(2) Anchor in how you want to feel by finishing the following sentence: I am devoted to feeling…

(3) Focus entirely on what you know for sure by finishing the following sentence: What I know for sure is…. (free write all the things that you know)

You’re going to be surprised at how different you feel and the clarity that comes in a week from now!

* If you do this practice, send me a note and share your experience! I’ll send a DDA Manifesto Journal to the first five people I hear from.

Here’s to shifting out of limbo and stepping into the unknown, deeply anchored in trust because that’s when what you truly desire has the space to come to fruition!