play in the wild, colour outside the lines … what do YOU want this summer? {free e-book + template inside}

Seasons tend to roll into each other and now summer is here. 

This last weekend I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the wild to play, connect, dance and let go with 18 incredible women under the loving guidance of Tanis Frame at her Mama Gone Coastal Retreat.

Truth: I didn’t want to go. I had a lot of resistance to slowing down but I am so grateful I said YES! I knew it was time to stop, nourish my body, practice the art of receiving (which I know we are all pretty crappy at doing) and spend some time out of my head and in my heart. I made friends with silence and stillness again and gave myself the chance to hear what my soul has been whispering to me. (You can check out more photos here.)

When life is so full, it’s easy to forget that each and every moment we are choosing our experience. And to do so wisely we need to take the time to pause and listen and get clear on what the experience is that our heart desires and our soul craves. Whether it’s silence and nourishment or adventure and play or a bit of it all.

 So, here’s your invitation to head to the beach, find a shady spot under a tree, tune into your heart and decide what you want most out of your summer. Take your journal or use your 2015 SUMMER BUCKET LIST template.


Print a copy for each member of your family so you can connect and understand what experience your loved one’s crave. Hang it on your fridge and have fun checking off the list.  There is a space to write your 2015 SUMMER THEME: (eg: adventure, rejuvenate, nourish, family, creative). A space to write HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL: (eg: joyful, free, abundant, grounded, creative) and then a list to fill in WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.  


One of my main themes this summer is inspired by my brilliant friend, artist and yogi, Marlene Lowden and that is to get outside my lines.  Marlene created a colouring book for all ages, designed to help you find freedom from the lines (and self imposed boxes) in your own life. Her book walks you through 7 themes based on the 7 Chakras – each page gives you the inspiration and permission to play. The perfect companion for for that road trip or night by the campfire.  You can purchase the book (highly recommended and an awesome gift) OR receive the e-book version for FREE. Being one of the most generous women I know, Marlene is gifting the e-book to everyone. No strings attached.


So, decide what you want out of this summer…. check out Mama Gone Coastal and be inspired to create your own weekend in the wild, download your 2015 SUMMER BUCKET LIST and grab your free e-book so you can play OUTSIDE YOUR LINES!


To warmth on your back and a breeze in your soul! warmth on your back and a breeze in your soul!