Psychedelics and Spreadsheets: The dance between the practical and magical

This winter, I felt the undeniable call to take a longer pause, to reflect a little deeper and lean into this new year with greater intention and ease.

I went into 2022 with bold goals and one of the most detailed plans I’ve had in years and wow did it ever have a different journey in store for me.

I know I’m not alone.

I worked with the most amazing clients and their businesses with great success, and I personally reached only one of my audacious goals which could have felt like a disappointment.

Yet, last year will be remembered as one of the most profound years of my life because that ONE has changed me and the trajectory of my life and work forever.

What was fascinating to witness as the year unfolded was that while working really hard to implement strategies, without ideal outcomes….

It was when I slowed down, leaned back on the foundations I’ve built – the systems, habits and practices then followed the quiet whispers of my intuition is when doors swung open with the softest exhale.

On rare occasions, transformation happens like a sudden plot twist… fierce, fast and unmistakably clear yet most often it’s a slow, powerful unveiling, leaving clues along the way.

The key is to pay very, very close attention or you might just miss the profound changes happening not only right in front of you but most importantly from within.

2022 was the year I healed my Complex PTSD and anxiety.***

A two and a half year epic journey into and out of the depths of the dark that drew me to understand parts of myself, I didn’t even know existed.

And required a level of devotion and courage that I didn’t know I had.

Since 2020, I have pursued nearly every single avenue on my quest to heal my brain, body and spirit and wholeheartedly thrive again.

This led me to work with incredible Therapists, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, Intuitives and Guides. Using powerful modalities such as EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, EMDR and Neurofeedback.

Alongside the structure of the trusted DDA Method and tools were hundreds of hours of meditation, breathwork, running in the forest, countless solo dance parties and 42 journals filled to the brim.

As I entered 2022, I knew there was a place I still couldn’t access and as the divine will often do, if we let her lead, she guided me to journey into intensive psychedelic therapy.

(An experience I will share more about in the months to come.)

It was a cold early morning in November, when I knew…. I woke up in tears, not from the gripping anxiety but from the depth of the absolute freedom I felt rippling through my entire being.

I’ve spent the last two months reflecting on how I was able to find my way home and exploring the essential dance between the practical and the magical.

What we most desire is freedom… to feel alive.

The depth of our capacity to feel free is in direct proportion with how safe we feel… within ourselves, our bodies, our homes, with our money, in relationships, in our businesses and our world. 

Which is why the practical way you set up and navigate your world has such a profound impact on the magic you are open to receiving.

Clarity in your plan that is rooted in your values and deepest desires instills the confidence to say HELL YES to the unexpected opportunities that show up and are beyond your wild imagination.

Routines and habits that expand your capacity to focus on what truly matters, be fully present to the beauty in the mundane and spontaneously follow your intuition when called.

A financial road map, money systems and spreadsheets that create the environment to be in an abundant relationship with your money so you become a magnet for attracting what you desire, creating financial independence.

I started this company almost 15 years ago with the mission to help people become who they truly are, transforming the way they live their lives and run their businesses.

To define what success means for you. 
To design the structures to thrive.
To align who you truly are with how you show up in the world.

To make the impossible – possible.

My understanding of what is actually possible got blown out of the water in 2022 and I am deeply excited to share with you new methods and tools bringing an even greater depth, experience and results to this work. Stay tuned! 🙂

As I turn the corner into my 50th year, I know we’re just getting started!

So, as you move into 2023… 

What will your one game-changer be this year?

Where do you need to double down on the practical to create a new sense of safety?

How will you build your capacity to embrace the magic that’s just waiting to unfold? 

I’d love to know your answers and if you want support here’s how we can connect. 

Here’s to a year of coming alive… one practical step and magical moment at a time.

It’s truly my honour to be in your world.