THE POWER OF YOUR STORIES: What stands between you and what you want

Oh the stories we tell ourselves!

Stories are what you believe to be true that you tell yourself and others. 

You will experience, interpret and respond to everything around you based on your stories and you will continue to attract circumstances to reinforce them. Unless you make a very conscious decision to change them.

Stories like…

I can’t be creative and financially successful. It’s going to be tricky to create a sustainable art business with this one.

I have to struggle and work hard 24/7 to be successful.  It’s going to be very hard for you when things get easy as you’ll likely sabotage your success as soon as you start to thrive.

It’s not OK to shine too brightly! It’s going to be challenging to step into any kind of spotlight and if you own a business, you’ll have a heck of a time getting out there and marketing yourself.

It comes down to this…

Your stories drive your emotions.
Your emotions drive your actions.
Your actions drive your outcomes.

Your stories have a direct impact on your ability to create the work and life that you want.

The power to make changes in your life, reach your goals and experience what you most desire is anchored in your ability to change your story.

And to make things even more interesting – often it’s not your stories of fear of failure or your inability to succeed –  it’s your fear of success. It’s wholeheartedly embracing how incredible you are.

Once you recognize this and commit to diving in and shifting those stories, there’s not much that’s going to stand in your way.

It’s not easy work and it will get uncomfortable but then something happens…the world starts to reflect back to you in the most wild and tangible ways, what you’ve been trying so hard to create and experience.

To understand how to SHIFT those stories and hear my own confession check out this super SHORT VIDEO where I walk you through the DDA SHIFT Method.

I also had the pleasure to jam on all things money and money stories with Tara and Jamie on the THRIVE PODCAST. It’s real, raw and packed with good stuff.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a note.

Here’s to shifting those stories and slaying those goals!