Stop Doing, Say No, Let Go

It’s been an incredible and incredibly full year.

I’ve been exploring what truly defines loving actions and what practical insight I might have to share with you, here’s what I landed on…

The most fiercely loving thing that you can do for yourself and those in your world is to stop frittering away your precious time on the things that don’t truly matter. 

In order to do so, you’ll need to get crystal clear on your highest priorities, your non-negotiables, the things that will give you the greatest return on your energy.

Then stop doing everything else. Say no. Let go. 

I know this sounds ridiculously simplified. I understand you have responsibilities. I know you’ve made commitments. I get that you have said YES… most likely to too many things.

And I recognize the stories that say it’s harder and more complicated than this. 

But if you want a real shot at achieving what you’ve set out for yourself and not miss out on the priceless moments that are right in front of you… then this is your only option.   

I recently played with some numbers and here’s a little calculation that might inspire you to do something different the next time you find yourself 30 minutes into mindlessly scrolling on Facebook, watching that next Netflix episode or putting out the same fire over again.

Just 30 minutes a day equals 182 hours in a year.
182 hours divided by a 40 hour work week is the equivalent of just over ONE MONTH. 

Imagine what you could do with an entire MONTH?  

Write that book
Go on that vacation with your family
Organize your entire home
Plant a garden

It’s pretty wild when you start to break it down.

So, here’s your invitation to get graciously, ruthless with your time and energy.

I’ve said it before and I’ll share it again… one of the best places to start is to write YOUR STOP DOING LIST. 

Take 10 minutes to capture all the things you know for sure are wasting your time and list your top distractions. Then commit to focusing on STOP DOING one thing a week. 

Imagine how many minutes or months of your life you will reclaim just by implementing this one practice.

Maybe it IS simpler than we are making it.